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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I Wore : Cold Weather Essentials

It is - I.can't.even.say.it.out.loud. cold in Toronto this week.
We're talking tundra like temperatures.
Just going outside is difficult let alone trying to look somewhat put together while you are basically frozen.
The best investment I made this year? This coat. 

sunglasses - Forever XXI
sweater - Mexx {similiar}
coat - Mackage "Trish"
jeans - IT Collective
boots - Brown's Couture {not current / option {on amazing sale!}}

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  1. Looking fashionable despite the brutal cold temps! in the Toronto core MINUS -15 feeling like MINUS -28 Celsius!!! with the wind chill as I made my way to Yoga class this morning. Let me know when you are in city next - and lets catch up over a cup of coffee in Yorkville!!! Hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

    1. God bless you for going! I am working from home today and dreading even picking up the kiddos truth be told! Will let you know -- I would love that.

  2. i would not be able to survive, but i'd still love that coat. i love mackage coats but could never get myself to invest in one since i'd rarely use it here.

    stay warm, my friend!

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Well, you have cold but even here in the South tonight it will be -8°C and I am not planning to get outside today with my bladder infection... ouch!
    Stay warm and such a coat is a real investment for survival!

  4. That coat!!!! This is perfect for your freezing weather!!! I can't even imagine living in super cold temps like that. It's going to be in the 20s here in Texas tomorrow and I am dying thinkiing about going outside. Stay warm. At least you look cute!! :)

  5. That really is the perfect jacket for this arctic weather most of us are having. I like the extended fur collar.

  6. so cold you want to cry. also, i want your hair cut!

  7. love the coat and the temperatures are insane, I cannot wait for vacation

  8. Great blog with beautiful work so I congratulate you.

    Congratulations and greetings from Gran Canaria - Canary Islands (Spain)

  9. Gorgeous coat! I can't even imagine being that cold! x


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