Ava Grace's Closet: Christmas Gift Guide '14 : What to get Him {Under $100}
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide '14 : What to get Him {Under $100}

I love the thrill of finding something for someone that they would want but would never dream of getting themselves.
It's not necessarily based on price but rather, the whole need vs want debate.
I find my husband to be like that - there are lots of things he would like to have, but more often than not, the necessities win out.
Christmas is the time for a little bit of splurging don't you think?
After all, he has been pretty good all year.

I couldn't resist including the skull shaped Crystal Head Vodka above. Canadian made and a fabulous idea for a bar owner or a Sons of Anarchy lover.
Mine happens to be both.

Tell me, do you still buy a Christmas gift for your husband?


  1. I really like all of these options, my hubby is so hard to buy for so I'm always looking for new ideas! That vodka head is very cool and love that it's Canadian made.

  2. These are fabulous gift ideas for the hubby.

  3. My husband would love a fitbit. Men are always so hard to buy for, but I do like getting the wants more than the needs

  4. I still buy gifts for him, and those gloves look like a fantastic option!

  5. Very good ideas!Sometimes is so hard to choose for a gift..especially for men..Thanks for the ideas, the Fitbid is my favourite!


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