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Thursday, February 6, 2014

What She Wore : The Cover

Isabella had a fun project in her Communication Technology class where she got to create a magazine cover from start to finish.
She chose to do Seventeen and went about pulling together an outfit and deciding on fonts that would compliment. 
Although I have yet to see the finished product, I did beg to share the photos and she finally, albeit reluctantly, obliged. 

dress - Jacob {not current // option} | scarf - Wilfred  {no longer available} love this for the Spring | earrings - Loren Hope
Which do you think should make the cover? 
Personally, I think there should be 3 editions. But I may be partial.
Love my sweet girl. 


  1. You're right they're all great. That sounds like a fun class. They never had anything this creative when I was in HS.

  2. I love the middle picture - so relaxed and natural - but all are beautiful!

  3. I completely agree with your idea, but if there can only be one I go with #2. Such a relaxed, happy expression and pose.

  4. I love the middle picture. So pretty.

  5. sooooo lovely! i like the middle one. :)

  6. I like #2 and #3, they're both fun! She is a beauty, love her hair.

  7. Oh, how could I choose?! She's so beautiful And what a fun project!

  8. What a beauty! I cannot make up my mind but probably go for no3.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  9. Those earrings really bring out the colors in the scarf!! Had to take closer look at those, I could make them (for less than $60 too!) ;) She's gorgeous, like her mom. I cant choose which pose I like best.. I lean towards #2 bc the scarf and is more open and the earrings show. #3 would be good, but i cant see the earrings and I think that part is important. and #1 is great for the simplicity. hmmm. I'm gonna vote #2

  10. Dearest Susan,
    No doubt the 2nd one! The first one she looks a bit hesitant... yet. The second one is the most spontaneous and open for a SEVENTEEN cover! Also her hand and leg position is by far the best, and much better than the 3rd one. GOOD LUCK to Isabella!

  11. Izzy is growing up and definitely coming into her own! All the photos are great - but #2 captures her inner beauty along with her outer beauty (gorgeous)!!! Hope she will let you share the finished cover. xo C.

  12. Shes so pretty! I like the 2nd & 3rd the best! Ax


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