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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pamela Lauz Jewellery

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time in the studio of jewellery maker extraordinaire, Pamela Lauz of Pamela Lauz Jewellery.
I fell in love with her airy space and it was easy to see why she would be moved to create in such an environment.
The studio doubles as her work space and she allowed me to watch firsthand as she put the finishing touches on a similiar piece to the one I am wearing below. 
I must say, I have a renewed appreciation for the hard work and dedication that goes into making jewellery. I can't imagine how rewarding it must be to see your own creative idea come to fruition right before your eyes and to have it be made with your own hands.
A true inspiration. 

sunglasses - Forever XXI | dress - Boohoo | "viento" cuff - c/o Pamela Lauz Jewellery
coat - Ethy and Paule {similiar} | shoes - Nine West {no longer available / option} |handbag - Hermes Inspired {gifted}
 The "viento" cuff {spanish for wind} pictured is meant to appear as though the wind itself lifted and created it's flowing shape even though secretly, Pamela worked her magic to make it look this effortless.
Here is just a sampling of some of my other favourites from her many collections:
infinity aquamarine necklace
Grass Large Pendant
Laurel long stud earrings
Laurel Lariat
All products are available in studio or on-line here.
Through February 16th, all orders of $150+ will receive a free acorn pendant {valued at $50} + all domestic shipping is free. 
Happy Valentines Day indeed.


  1. Love that purse. stand out great!


  2. Well, aren't you just the chicest lady in town? Stunning! And that bracelet is pretty amazing too.

  3. Oh you know I have a love for cuffs. This is fabulous, and the extra treat to get to watch her work in her studio makes it even more special. Love it. Fabulous outfit! xo

  4. Hello gorgeous....once again...um, does your husband know how lucky he is??? :) SMOKIN'!

  5. Looking fabulous!!! Girl .. you are looking all city !!! get out of the burbs... how wonderful to meet the actual artist.. these pieces are brilliant! xo C. (HHL)

  6. Visiting from the Random Wednesday Link-up! Those are some gorgeous pieces of jewelry. Very talented designer! Love your coat, stay warm!

    <3 Vicki

  7. Thank god you put the word "inspired" after Hermes or I was going to be so jealous I wasn't going to sleep tonight....Gorgeous as always...xo

  8. Dearest Susan,
    Pamela Lauz designs in the style of Elsa Peretti from Tiffany & Co! Both create lovely pieces and you wear this bracelet with such flair.

  9. Beautiful jewelry, this cuff is gorgeous and so are you in this chic outfit. You are ready for Valentines day! Lovely to see white in the winter. I love the red bag, I think I have the same one in brown. Is it from Maxwell Scott? This red is brilliant!

    blue hue wonderland

    blue hue wonderland

  10. Gorgeous outfit! I love peplums but just can't wear them! The cuff is stunning & will look great in the summer too with a gorgeous maxi dress! Ax


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