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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What She Wore : Pretty in Pink

If you visited the blog yesterday, you saw me in a few of the recent treasures I discovered in my mama's closet. 
It seems like they're never ending!
When I saw the dress in these photos, I almost cried. 
It's not a designer dress, in fact, it is a handmade piece made with love by my mother's sister, my beloved Aunt Zlata who is no longer with us. 
She was {as you can probably tell if you have an eye for sewing} incredibly talented. 
And in the days when there wasn't the selection {or the money quite frankly} available that there is today, she would make clothing for her sisters.
This was always a favorite of mine and brings so many memories with it. 

On Izzy:
Dress + headband - vintage fabric, handmade | studs - vintage | necklace - vintage
ballet slippers - H + M {no longer available, similar here}
The fabric is extremely thin and quite transparent.
Soft as can be.
I know this because I did try it on. Just long enough to tear the seam at the {ahem} chest area. 
Thankfully, Isabella is a good sport and stepped right in to take over.
She wears it incredibly well, non?
My beauty.
Love this girl.


  1. Such treasures! The necklace is stunning! Andrea x


  2. Good Morning my friend.. just got back from our trip to Windsor to see my brother receive his PHD. ~ so just catching up.

    WOW!!! That dress looks like it was made for Izzy!!! and great quality lasts the test of time ... both in wear and style - and this treasure is something that I'm certain Ava will also be enjoying in the future. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

    1. I was wondering where you were! Welcome home. And congrats to your brother!
      Yes...I plan to keep this one for the long haul.

  3. She looks great in it! What a treasure that dress is.

  4. Dearest Susan,
    Your dear Aunt Zlata will be smiling down from heaven! She never would have dreamed that her lovingly made dress would one day go viral and get admired by so many women. Izzy is a great model for it, as no doubt you were at the time. Timeless pieces and we should treasure them. Even more so in this so-called Eco-friendly environment we're living in; yet producing so much trash. It is because of frugal people that chose things with great love and foresight that the next generations became what they are now. We ought to treasure that and try to instill it in today's generation as well. Not always following the pressure of buying and following 'what' style. This is made with LOVE and that sores much higher than any style!
    Hugs to you and don't forget to give kudos to your sweet Mom for having the gift of preserving family Heirlooms so well! She of course has much more sweet memories of you, her little girl, wearing this...

    1. Oh Mariette, this comment made my day. You are just the sweetest. xo

  5. She is beautiful. What a lovely dress and that necklace is so cute.

  6. beautiful daughter!! she looks so pretty and lovely in this dress!

  7. She is absolutely beautiful! And I love this dress!! The triple pearl necklace with bow is gorgeous!!! Absolutely magnificent!

  8. Susan... um, when did she get so grown up?!!! She is so beautiful! That dress is so pretty on her - for sure, pretty in pink! That necklace goes perfect with this outfit. LOVE HER!!!! (Your aunt, may she rest in peace, did an amazing dress sewing this dress. I can't believe you are lucky enough to still own some of your mom's clothes.)


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