Ava Grace's Closet: What I Wore : White Out
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Wore : White Out

You know how the perfect outfit can speak to you? 
That is what all white does for me.
Always fresh. Always a classic.  
mesh detail drawstring top - Joe FRESH
bracelet - c/o Henri Lou Jewelry 

wristlet - Coach {loving this one too}
pants - Joe FRESH
shoes - Naughty Monkey
This look makes me think of warm nights, good friends, and fresh food on the grill.
Kicked off shoes, rolled up linen pants and toes dipped in the pool. 

Enter the Henri Lou Jewelry giveaway here to win a signature Henri bracelet just like the one I'm wearing above! 
Happy Wednesday.

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  1. You can really wear anything and look stunning! I love the Leopard Print Wristlet, it goes so nice with the all white Outfit!

    Have a happy Wednesday!


  2. Love this look. I love all white too it is so fresh. Wearing mainly all white today on my blog too, just a little, less, um.....covered up ;)
    Sheree xxx

  3. Oh I love this all white look, Susan!
    Besides a black jumpsuit (as you know!), a maxi dress/skirt and now a white wide pair of trousers is on my wishlist.

    Love your garden scenery!

    Lady of Style

  4. I love Joe Fresh and your Henri Lou!

  5. Loving this look! crisp and cool - perfect for the weather we are in for over the next couple of days... hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  6. love that look! now what is your secret to staying clean :) lol.

  7. I love the all-white look for spring and summer - so fresh! You look beautiful.

  8. Dearest Susan,
    The way you paint the ultimate summer night's dream here is incredible. Great look!

  9. The all white look is chic and refreshing! I hope you can pop over to my site and enter the contest I have going...you would look amazing in this fabulous dress I am giving away!

  10. Love this outfit, your hair looks fantastic!

  11. I love all white ensembles - so chic. And you're having an amazing hair day here!:)

  12. LOVE the all white look - you look so effortlessly chic girl! xo


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