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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What I Wore : Looking Back

Recently, someone asked me where I go wearing some of the outfits I wear in my what.i.wore posts. 
And the answer is, nowhere special.
Know that there are days that I do actually wear what you see me in on Wednesday's. Especially in the early days of posting this feature. 
In fact, some days, I didn't post until lunchtime because I was too busy taking photos of what I was wearing, well, on Wednesday.

Today, some weeks, I may take a group of outfit photos in one day. 
Or, I might actually be having a real honest grown up day and put something fabulous together and think, hmmm. I really should snap a few photos. 
But really, every day, I do my best to look somewhat presentable.
That part is for me and me alone.  
I think it's important and not doing so can really put a damper a girl's self-esteem.

This little what.i.wore post has allowed me to meet so many amazing women each week. 
And, it's also allowed me to ensure that at least once a week, I take a photo of myself that I can look back on one day. 
So, why not today?
So there's what.i.wore 27 weeks out of the last year or so. 
Kinda fun.
And I plan on keeping it up.
Even if this never-ending snow is the death of me. 

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  1. Gorgeous!! One of my favourite is the nude cardigan, white floral skirt and big rose brooch outfit. So feminine.

    Since I am dealing with a lot of visitors and high ranking guests at work on a more or less daily basis, I have to get dressed presentable anyways and only allow myself a more casual outfit on the weekend. But actually I like to dress up!

    Lady of Style

    1. I loved the look back. Those sleeveless dresses and tops have me longing for some warm sunshine. Ugh. winter is starting to depress me over here.

  2. ....and? Where are the "what I wore" in the snow photos?

  3. Loves seeing all these different looks!!

    I sometimes actually wear what I'm wearing but most of the time I change at least half of it to be more conferrable.


  4. Seriously, how are you not gracing the cover of some fashion magazine? Great looks.One day, I wish to raid your closet =)

  5. What fun to be able look back! Your outfits are always amazing and so well styled - I always enjoy when you have "borrowed" a elegant and timeless piece from your mother's closet, and give it your touch. The photo of you in trench and Burberry tote - very French!!! Paris in spring is always a good thing!

    Can you believe the snow??? it's still coming down here.


  6. I'm intrigued. Just happened upon your blog. I love what I see so far!


  7. Ugh - the snow is killing me too. I love your look back. It really is a great way to make sure we feel fab at least once a week, right? And I'm glad the WIWW feature led me to your blog!

  8. I don't actually wear all my outfits all day either. It's just fun to showcase personal style regardless if you wore it all day or not. It's inspiring to see outfit pics and get ideas from other women. Keep it up!!!

  9. i used to post day after photos (take them daily at work, then write up/post the next day). now i don't have the time to sneak out during work, so i take them all on sundays. good thing is that i actually know what i'm going to wear for the week!! good planning, right?! lol. occasionally i get an impromptu photo shoot when we are out and about.


  10. love! i don't always get dressed like you most days getting dressed is yoga pants lol. but I ALWAYS do my hair and put on make-up. It does make me feel all around better :)

  11. Wow, I couldn't agree with you more. I try to look put together on a daily basis because it really makes a difference in how I feel. You go above and beyond and redefine looking great on a daily basis! Thanks so much for linking up today.

  12. Agree...I try my best to look great each day...except maybe my gym days..those I am a little lazy with....
    GREAT looks..LOVE seeing them all compiled..isn't it fun to see your personal style and how it changes...I look back at some outfits from when I first started the blog and fall in love with them all over again, lol.

    Hope all is well in your world!

  13. Dearest Susan,
    Great reasons for doing this! Love your top left and bottom center; they're my favorites.
    Hugs to you from water land... We're now almost off duty after emptying the wet vac for two nights in a row. Pieter's work shop got water through the wall. We've never seen as much rain as we got!
    Hugs to you,

  14. You always look so great! Totally jealous!

  15. Wow you look absolutely stunning, you soo suit having your hair up! What great style you have too. ps I found your blog via citizen rosebud.

  16. Your style is so incredibly fun, love all of these! Looking back at old outfit posts is one of my favorite things, and always reminds me of different pieces I own that I can turn into new outfits!
    xx, Emily

  17. My favourite is and always will be the dress that you found in your Mom's closet. Timeless.

  18. you wore so many great outfits!! i love your sense of style

  19. Wow! Amazing! I couldn't tell you which one I love more because they are ALL fabulous!!!

  20. You are beautiful in all of these 27 weeks... and I look forward to Wednesdays to see what fabulous things you pick out. YOU are simply BEAUTIFUL and when I grow up, I want to be YOU. Bella and Ava Grace are so lucky to have your closet to raid. ;) And I still dream about being your neighbor. I don't always comment, but know that I read your posts daily. Miss you!

  21. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop! You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can find me at meandmr.com

    Melanie @meandmr.com


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