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Thursday, January 24, 2013

What that baby Wore : Athletic Inspired

I have mentioned before that I sometimes quite enjoy being matchy.matchy with Ms. Ava.
So of course, when I spied this little track suit that looked ridiculously like my own Lululemon one, I knew she had.to.have.it. 

And today, since it's beyond freezing again, we did nothing at all athletic but we certainly looked the part. 
And isn't that really half the battle? 
on Ava: 
tracksuit - Joe Fresh

I tried to teach her a few blogger fashion poses about halfway through.
Ava demonstrates the hands.on.hip and then, she gave me tiger
Obviously, a natural. 

Winner of the SilverSpeck giveaway was Chelle Thompson. Congrats! I will email you.


  1. love her smiles. she really is a mini you, you both have the same smiles.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    Lovely pictures and Ava is a cute mini-pro!
    Enjoy your precious time together.

  3. aggghhh! those poses are the best! such a cute photo of the two you!!!!

    i hear you one wearing athletic wear, but not always doing athletic things lol.

  4. Definitely born to pose.:) Sometimes it's fun to have a forced day indoors, right?

  5. i love her poses! wonder what i'd look like if i tried the tongue, lol!
    CONGRATS on 2nd place!!! woo hoo!!


  6. YEAH!!! Congrats on once again being in Circle of Mom's top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms .. you definitely deserve it!

    Ava looks tres chic!!! Stay warm ...xo C. (HHL)

  7. Ava looks so big!! and her smile looks brighter than ever. love these of you two.

  8. Yay for coming in 2nd - congratulations!! You all are so cute in these pictures!


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