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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Royale Golden Kittens Blog Tour

So, picture this. 
You find out that you are the lucky winner of $50,000 in cold.hard.cash
Can you imagine? First off, I'm pretty sure I would call my husband and he wouldn't believe me. 
My kids would each promptly ask for one of these...
Once he finally realized that no, I wasn't kidding, my husband would talk me into doing a few cosmetic renovations on the house including new mouldings and interior doors. Oh, and maybe some wainscoting. 
Since, you know, I did just win $50,000 big ones.
Of course, I would go on a shopping spree to end all shopping sprees.
I'm thinking Bloor Street. 

And a pair of these would most definitely be on the list. 
Maybe even two.
So, there.

With the cold weather we've been having lately, a little R and R and time in the sunshine would definitely be on the agenda.
Turks...here we come! 

And of course, I could never forget Ms. Ava. 
I think this little guy would make all her dreams come true.
We'll name him fifty.

I'm done. I think.
Now, onto the good part. The part where I tell you that someone out there may actually have all their shoppingspree.puppyfinding.vacationgoing wishes come true!

In celebration of their 50th (50th!) anniversary, Royale, a brand we all know and love, is having an incredible promotion. As part of this, they are giving one lucky Canadian the chance to WIN $50,000.
No, I'm not kidding. 
So, go on, dream big. You know you want to.
It's actually kind of fun deciding what you might do with money you don't really have. 

Here are a few more details: 
~ there are 500 instant win prizes up for grabs (think Samsung TV's, tablets and blu-ray players, SpaFinder gift cards and adorable limited edition royale kitten plush) including 440 "golden kitten" tickets hidden inside specially marked Royale products and 60 on-line tickets available via royale.ca or the promotion's facebook page here.
~ if you're lucky enough to find a Golden Kitten ticket, enter your PIN on-line to win one of the above instant win prizes AND be entered to win the $50,000 grand prize or one of four runner-up prizes! 

So, tell me, what would YOU do with $50,000?? 

Disclosure: I am participating in the Golden Kittens Blog Tour by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Royale. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are strictly my own.


  1. So fun Susan - I hope you win :)
    xo K

  2. Great post!! And Miss A. Dolce and Gabbana are ready for a play date - anytime.

    Girl if I won $50,000 I would plan a girl's trip to France ... and of course one could not have a girl's trip without a couple of friends along - so I would gift a couple friends with a plane ticket and lodging.

    This horrible weather has me wanting to get somewhere warm ... I'm thinking a quick (3-4 day) trip south is looking mighty inviting. Stay dry and warm... Hugs, C. (HHL)

  3. dang. It is a shame I'm not Canadian.

    I like your dreams friend!!

    I think you should get ava the puppy even if you don't win ;)

  4. Dearest Susan,
    Someone is for sure getting lucky. You did a great post about this! Fabulous 'winter-dreaming'...
    Hugs to you,

  5. Oh my goodness - if only I was Canadian! How fun:)

  6. Honestly, I'd probably do something really boring like put it in an account somewhere!!!! But maybe I'd take my kids on a Disney vacation first! So not glamorous but ao necessary for the littles. If I was Canadian I'd be entering in a hot second:)

  7. Awesome fun and I think fifty would be pretty darn cute!

  8. buy a much needed new car! My Sadly my '93 Subaru is on it's last leg. Oh and a makeover for my wardrobe!

  9. I loved your post! Really made me smile! And this is a good exercise already!
    Thank you a ton!

  10. Pay off my debts!! Then put some in savings---boring but that is what I would do--

  11. Got me all excited! But man, if I has $50,000 I'd use them as a down payment on a new house...and probably use part of it on a car as well!

    Good luck to all that enter this giveaway!!

    From PDX with Love

  12. I wish I was Canadian! I hope you win!!!

  13. I am pregnant right now, so I would hire a cleaning service and nanny for a few hours each day so I could get a break. Yeah, not so glamorous... but what I dream about right now. :)

  14. I'm not sure what I would use the money for. I know I would use some for charity. Looks like a great giveaway.

  15. Wow, that is quite a fun list of dreams! We would have many similar tasks to do if we won that much $!

  16. what a cute giveaway and I love your entry into the giveaway - super cute~!

  17. We would travel for a whole year with $50K. I would take my girls to every amusement park in the US. :)


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