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Friday, November 30, 2012

Invisalign : 2 Million Smiles and Counting!

Things I wish.
That my own mother had known enough to get braces for me when I was a kid. Maybe it should be my then dentist that is to blame? I never recall having the conversation.
Today, it seems to be the norm with almost every child needing them.
Case in point, our oldest, Isabella. Remember this post? 
Or when she looked like this? 
Know that she hated the standard "train tracks" she was forced to wear.
And was literally counting the days until she could have them removed.
She even got to a place where when asked what color she wanted her brackets, she stopped changing them to anything fun. Just kept them as "invisible" as possible.

Have you ever seen an adult wearing braces? Think Tom Cruise.
Personally, I would love to straighten my bottom teeth and fix my one upper tooth which has always bothered me but really don't love the idea of having to wear standard "old school" braces, especially as an adult. 
Given the option, wouldn't we all want to have super straight teeth especially if no one could tell while we were getting treatment? 
Invisalign offers exactly that option by using a series of custom-made aligners that you change out ongoing, usually every 2 weeks or so. Isabella's orthodontist is currently using the product on herself and I honestly had to do a double-take. I couldn't even tell! She assured me that they are comfortable and offer her the option of not wearing the product for a day or evening when need be. Pretty neat.
Even neater? Invisalign has straightened over 2 million smiles already. And counting.

I had fun taking the Invisalign Smile Assessment to see whether I am a candidate for invisalign and based on this detailed information, I think I would be. They solve a host of dental problems including gaps, overbites, and crowding. (all the stuff my mother passed off as "cute"). 
So, while we may not end up with any silver in the mouth a la Mr. Cruise, it's great to know this option is out there. And definitely easier and much less expensive than I thought.
And just think, you could end up with teeth that look like this.
Sign me up.
Did you wear braces as a child? 
If not, would you ever consider getting your teeth fixed or straightened as an adult?

For more information, please visit Invisalign. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Hey Mama. First of all...YOU are Beautiful! =) I just NOW spent some time playing on here & really getting to "check you out"! LOL! STUNNING! And your Daughter...JUST AS. Gorgeous Gorgeous Girls! =) And YOU, my dear...are as sweet & wonderful as a person gets! Beautiful...inside & out. I am honored to call you my Friend & so so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for being, wonderful YOU! =) Now...for this post...=) Invisalign sounds AMAZING & I SO wish it was available when I had my braces. I got mine right after High School & payed for them myself, since they definitely weren't "necessary", but I am OBSESSED with nice teeth & wanted them to be perfect, so...I had them on for a little over a year, & had clear on the top, & regular on the bottom. Because I have tiny teeth =) ...they weren't that noticeable at all. One of the best decisions I ever made to get them. Every time I look at my teeth...I am a happy girl! =) But...I MUST add...ALL these years later...I STILL wear my retainer almost every single night. When my Hubby is fast asleep...I sneak them in. =) I've seen WAY TOO MANY people spend the time & money, only to have them all get crooked again. NO WAY, JOSE! =) Hope this helps, Honey. If it makes you feel better about you...it's ALWAYS worth it! =) Love & Hugs to you! XO

  2. I did where braces and my teeth got crooked again in adulthood so it's very frustrating. I hate my bottom teeth. They are so crooked. If we could afford it, I'd get invisaline in a second!

  3. Dearest Susan,
    It is not fair for comparing our childhood to nowaday's dental expertise. They've sure come a long way! Glad for the children that it can be corrected in a fairly short time. I did have braces when I was 30... In The Netherlands they told me that they had NO EXPERIENCE with adults at that time. So back in the US I had them again and they did a far better job. Guess they were far more advanced already. Just the other day I was looking at silly photos where I awkward kept my mouth shut... because of my braces.
    Hugs to you,

  4. I would've loved this option as a kid ... I wore braces for 4 years! That was in the '80s though, and I DID love my "Tin Grins are In!" t-shirt.

  5. These are brilliant ..a friend used them - after her then 4 year old pointed out her crooked bottom teeth ... and it worked brilliantly!! and the cost was minimal. Great post!! xo C. (HHL)

  6. What a timely review! My youngest is just starting the braces process and we have been given the option to use these. My other children have all used the traditional style and I worry if keeping them on will be an issues. (thinking about retainer issues)....

    May have to just give this option another look. :)
    Sherryl @ www.simplysherryl.com

  7. Yes and Yes - I wore them young and I'd wear them again...if the price was right.

  8. I did wear braces and it was worth it for sure

  9. LOL you are so funny with your comments. I die laughing every morning reading them! You live here you can have anything I have.....I like to share :)

    YOUR daughter is just too pretty like mama!!!!

    Thanks girl!!!


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  10. My husband is an orthodontist and he uses it all the time!

  11. I had braces as a child, and I went through all the hubbub of train tracks and stuff. These are perfect for those who don't want to have braces that can be seen.

  12. My husband needs braces but he won't get them because he doesn't want to be an adult with braces. This sounds really cool. I'll let him know about this.

  13. I've heard alot of great things about invisalign myself. Two of my step-kids had braces and they both hated them. I don't think they would have hated them as much if they were not as obvious. I've never had braces, but I did need them on my bottom teeth (insurance denied it when I was younger because it was considered cosmetic...so I didn't get them). I can see myself getting invisalign braces at some point in the future!

  14. I haven't had to have braces; however, my younger sister had the traditional braces. I know that invisalign braces are becoming popular. If my kids have to get braces, I would consider this alternative depending on the cost.

  15. I've never needed braces, but if I did I would definitely use invisalign.

  16. I didn't wear braces as a child, and my teeth weren't
    "terrible" so I am not as self conscious as I would be. However, both my girls have really bad teeth. One has "vampire" teeth and the other has a severe overbite, so I Am sure they both have braces in their future! a Smile is such an important part of our psyche!

  17. No braces as a child. I looked into getting ,y bottom teeth fixed but they didn't think it would stay :(

  18. I haven't tried both but I think invisalign works more with good outcome than metal braces.

  19. I had invisalign I loved them! . but my dog ate my retainer and I didn't get a new one so my teeth aren't as straight as they used to be : )

  20. I had invisalign done and I'm almost finished - only two more trays left. I love the results! Its been amazing. Although the trays can get kinda icky towards the end.invisalign arizona


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