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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear Ava

Dear Ava,
Now you are 32 months old. Closer to 3 (!) than to 2 and a half. 
It's funny, when you're not sleeping at all time seems to move so slowly. 
And then, you walked.
And now, you talk. Non-stop.
Big news. No more bottle. No more paci.
I admit sweet Ava, I let you get away with both for far longer than I did with your brother or sister. 
It's true what they say. The third get's away with murder more.
And I'm just fine with that.
You still love Bobo. And he isn't going anywhere. Ever.
I have visions of him propped up on your bed when you're a teenager. 
We'll tell stories about how you carried him everywhere. 
It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.   
I don't ever want you to grow up.
Is that so wrong?
You are strong-willed. I like that. Not so much now, but later, this will be a great quality.
You know what you like (chocolate) and what you don't (meat).
You can entertain yourself alone for hours. 
Tea party is a recent favorite. Papa taught you to sip water out of your tiny cup and now, this makes you happier than anything.
Except for going outside. 
I hate to think about how cold it will get and how little we will get outside in the coming months.
Another Christmas is coming.
You have made each holiday more exciting. The joy of having a little one around at the holidays is like nothing else. 
And not just for us.
For everyone in our extended family too.
We're decorating this weekend. I can't wait to see how you react to the tree this year.
And today? Today, we saw Santa Claus at the mall.
You looked him up and down and said "I want a present".
I'm pretty sure you got it all figured out.
Sweater - Joe Fresh
Polka Dot Cargos - Joe Fresh
Jacket - Baby Gap
Boots - Ugg
I check in on you every night before I go to sleep. 
Your mouth wide open (just like your older sister's) in sweet, sweet slumber.
And I smile every.single.time.
And I get that feeling. 
Pure joy.
I love you my sweet girl.
More than anything. You and your brother and sister.


  1. Good Morning my dear friend... what a beautiful post to read first thing this morning.
    Yes... a couple of tears made their way down.

    You are blessed and even greater is that in your words the love you have for your family and how much you humbly appreciate each blessing comes through loud and clear! Many continued blessings as your babies grow into wonderful adults. xo Hugs, C. (HHL)

  2. oh it's so hard isn't it? i think watching a little one grow is the hardest part of motherhood. have fun decorating the tree, they really get it now and it is so fun and magical making it big for them

  3. beautiful post. i'm sure ava will thank you for this one day. and oh, i want ava's pants! haha

  4. awww these pictures are so cute, love her little boots x


  5. ridiculously sweet! l love the part about being strong willed (so true!)

    p.s. i had a stuffed rabbit names sally she stayed on my bed until i got married and now she lies in my closet. sometimes e plays with her, but she is really loved and missing a nose so she isn't that pretty anymore ;)

    great letter mama!

  6. What a darling, sweet post - memory keeper of Ava's growth! She looks like a big pile of cozy cuteness here.. love all these brown tones!
    (P.S.. I think you mean "Morgan" when you write Megan..? hehee).
    I love blogging to help me remember these fleeting moments with our ever-growing 'babies'!
    mel ;o)
    needle and nest design

  7. i love her little cargos! yay...no more washing bottles, lol! i've been letting my son get away with pull-ups at night because i'm sick and tired of changing sheets in the middle of the night if he pees!


  8. What a beautiful letter to your daughter. I love it.

    The Boy's lovey is Bobo, too. He's a little blue dog who's travelled with us all the way to Italy because a small 2-year-old couldn't bear to be without him. I think we have more pictures of Bobo in front of major sites (the Vatican, the Colosseum), etc. than we do of us!

    As always, girl, I loved reading this piece.

  9. She's just so sweet and adorable. They grow up so fast, that's for sure!

  10. Dearest Susan,
    Your sentence of not ever wanting Ava to grow up is of course not true. But it is the sentiment, the urge to frame the moment and hold on to it a bit longer... But time will go fast and you certainly will enjoy each different step. You have three great kids and enjoy them as much as you can; especially during the Christmas season.
    Hugs to you,

  11. Oh Susan, this letter is so perfect! She is gorgeous. I love that she told Santa she wanted presents...the girl knows what she wants!

  12. So sweet. It is so hard watching the "baby" of the family grow. She is precious!

  13. Such a sweet letter. I hope she reads it someday when she's older. I know what you mean about not wanting her to get older - it's hard to let the baby go, isn't it?

  14. What a sweet post Susan, and I love little Ava's outfit as per usual!
    xo K


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