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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Ava Wore : Next

Next is a U.K. based retailer that provides adorable {and affordable!} options for children's clothing; not to mention their extensive line-up of men's and women's fashions.
They asked me to choose an outfit for Ava and honestly, I struggled, because I wanted everything
The extra details on the clothing are exactly what I look for when choosing items for Ava :: a delicate bow, pretty buttons, faux-suede detailing on the jeggings :: all perfection.

Animal Print Sweatshirt and Jeggings - Next
Faux Uggs - Airwalk
I couldn't believe the on-line offer of free shipping AND no custom/import fees. Yup, they cover them ladies. Between us girls, this is what typically stops me from shopping on-line if a store isn't local. This definitely puts me at ease!
 I am already eyeing a few other goodies including a pair of desert boots, an amazing transitional sweater jacket (I had one for her last year and got a ton of wear out of it) and the cutest plaid shirt I've seen yet. 
Have a peek below and definitely take a moment to check out their site here.

pink suede desert boots $46

mink star cardigan $50

pink check shirt $30
Disclosure: I was provided with an outfit at no charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are strictly my own.


  1. That hair! I just love it! She's grown so much since I last looked as well! I love the pic with her on the swing, looking at you. And definitely cute clothes!!

  2. She is DARLING. I love the leopard top and her boots! I only have boys, but I imagine this is exactly how I would dress a little girl. So sweet.

    I'd love for you to link up to WKWW-What Kids Wore Wednesday Link Party this week at ONE little MOMMA!



  3. Ohhhhhh....Guess what??!?! There's a NEXT here where I am and I haven't yet really scoped them out so, now I have an excuse. Because one always needs an excuse to go shopping, right?!?!

  4. Cute!! I love an animal print on the little ones - it's always adorable. And those pink boots are now going on my list of must buys for my girls!

  5. wow little miss sure is growing up!! she is adorable as always ;) love the elbow patches on that last shirt!! Hope the first day of school went well!!!

  6. These adorable outfits make me want to have a little girl asap :) Adorable look on Ava, does that sweater come in my size? :)
    xo K

  7. And yet again, jealous I don't have girls....

  8. Where was Next when my daughter was little? Clothes shopping is so much more fun when they're itty bitty...enjoy! Shopping with teenagers...not so fun!

  9. Every time I see her, she is so cute, thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my gosh, do they have boys clothes? I'm going to have to check out the website because that outfit is just too cute!

  11. i'm sorry, i don't see a baby anywhere... i do see a beautiful little girl with gorgeous curls!!!!
    love the leopard and i love next!! so bummed i only saw their comment to me about this way late. :(
    glad you scored

  12. Maybe Agent Daddy and I should have tried for the girl. The clothes are so cute! But I would never convince my boys to wear them . LOL

  13. Love it. All of it! Sounds like a really great place to shop when you want something just a little bit different.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Kristina :)

  14. I was just checking out their website - such cute stuff! Love your little girl's curls!!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love to have you feature Mia Bossi !! Let me know what you need:)
    Great blog and your daughter is gorgeous!!! Love her sweater
    Follow each other?
    Zara gift card giveaway for $400 on www.fashion-a-holic.com

  16. she's killing me with that leopard!!! so adorable! loving the elbow patches, too! gotta get some patches for my boy!


  17. i'm now obsessed with NEXT too! great quality, age appropriate, cute clothing for my little besties. i haven't had a chance to check out their shoes, but based on these little booties, i definitely will. love the leopard for your little lovie!

  18. Dearest Susan,

    YES, your little Ava-girl is growing up fast! She looks adorable in this 'NEXT' outfit and her hair you did angelic! Great photos too.
    Now don't make her big sister become envious of so much publicity!
    Hugs to you,

  19. can I have her sweatshirt, please? totally jealous of you guys who has fall season, you get to wear all those beautiful fall clothes, scarves and all. sometimes it sucks to live in the tropics! haha

  20. Ok, Ava is a little fashionista and so adorable. We need to set up that Chicago meet up so we can introduce your daughter and my nephew.

  21. Oh my, she is absolutely gorgeous! Next was one of my go-to stores when I was living in the UK. Not only is it affordable but their clothes are cute (even for the adults ;))

  22. I love her uggs! Can't wait to have my little girl too so I can have fun dressing her up like you! :)

  23. My favorite little bloggy land child. Once again she is adorable and love seeing pictures of the cutie.

  24. I love the outfit!!!!!! She looks adorable

  25. Oh my gosh, there is just too much adorable going on in these pictures! She is a living doll! So cute!


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