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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What Ava Wore : Ava and Friends

Ah, the terrible two's. 
It's funny how you really do forget how difficult they can be.
Ava is so there right now. besides fighting the potty training {and I mean fighting} and basically sustaining herself on milk and the occasional peanut butter covered something; she has taken to never leaving her "friends" behind.
She doesn't seem to have fully grasped the whole object permanence thing and must have every.single.one of her toys in her sight at all times.
Yes, of course I mean in her crib.

1/2 getting 'em all in there.the face I can't resist
3/4 a faux patch and some cute toes.a bottle {yes, I know, I know}
5/6 double-checking to make sure I haven't missed anyone.a happy dance
7. climbing in for nap time 

This is quite the endeavor each time we go up and down the stairs or God forbid, try to leave the house.
tears. more tears.
and then, she hands them to me one by one. 
All 37 of them. Or thereabouts.
She doesn't actually carry anything. Just keeps looking back at me on the stairs to make sure i've got them all. 

For my part, I wait until she's fallen asleep to remove all but one of her friends.
And then we go through it all over again when she wakes up.
Good times.


  1. Oh my! I love that she makes your carry them down the stairs! That's too funny.

  2. love her overalls. and i know exactly what you are talking about... the two's....

  3. She is priceless!! who could resist that adorable smile ... and those big eyes. Love the stitched flower on her cover-alls!! Happy Thursday ..xo C. (HHL)

  4. What a cutie in her overalls! Yes, the twos are fun- I can sympathize with the potty-training fights. Avery was SO STUBBORN about it, but we finally got there, right after she turned three of course!

  5. You are right, you do forget how hard it is. But, looking at her makes me wish I still had a 2 year old in my house. Our youngest, Jack, will be 5 in Dec. Ava is adorable!

  6. Oh, I've been there friend! I sometimes wonder how Sadie survives on what little she eats. And both of my girls did the stuffed toy thing, carrying around as many as could fit in their little arms. Right now Sadie is in her terrible threes - when will it end?!

    That little Ava of yours always looks adorable, even if she's being a stinker.;)

  7. haha oh know...good time good times lol. potty training Jude was going to be the end of me ...//I swore it! It is a good thing they are soooooooooooooooo cute!

  8. ahhhh, I remember those days. one night my son and daughter laughed so hard after filling the crib TO THE TOP with stuffed animals and toys. i am in the process of purging the playroom contents right now and having a hard time parting with those little stuffed animals....that seem to take up all the space :)

  9. Hi Susan, you asked how old Avery is now- she turned three last month, so we're still fresh into the "no diapers" phase- loving it, by the way!!

  10. This little doll is wearing my fav! Stripes! She is the cutest thing and you're not the only one going through the two's!

  11. Oh Susan... aren't little girls grand?! and then our babies grow up. Call me crazy but I have 25 and 21 year old sons and a 5 year old little girl... and yes she was planned ;) ... I see my daughter and then my sons... boy oh boy I sure miss them being little boys... all the toys and all!!! Enjoy !! Grace, peace and many blessings, Carla

  12. She's lovely. And oh, don't we all love the 2s. :)

    (Love, Sarah who found you via Small Style :)

  13. It's so crazy but at the same time, so sweet. The things they do!

  14. Oh. How could you? I really had forgotten how bad it was. Your detailed description brings it all back. :) I'm so glad they're grown ups now. I think. Sometimes I really do miss it.

  15. She's so cute! I'm sure at her age it wouldn't be a big deal for her to sleep with all of them. And I LOVE your new blog design. Tres chic!

  16. She makes the terrible twos look cute :). When she grows older, you'll almost wish she was two again.

  17. oh but shes just too cute!
    and potty training.. oh i have nightmares about it! ugh.

  18. Oh Joe Fresh, you are the cutest! SO is your girl, and all of her 37 friends. Ha. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my kid takes no interest in her "friends", and more often than not, throws them out of her crib when I put them inside. Ha.
    But I have such fond memories of snuggling up with eighty thousand stuffed animals on my bed, and having a toy that I was really attached to, so I try to get my kid to take her stuffed cat to bed, but meh. She's over it. Now, maybe I see that as a good thing!!!

  19. Dearest Susan,

    She's a lovely two-year old! She will grow up so fast so you can do a few more of those friend collections for her.
    Hugs to you,

  20. My son skipped terrible twos...but before you give me the side eye, he did do the terrible threes. Not for long though thank goodness.
    Hang in there Momma

  21. Haha, I haven't experienced that particular scenario with my kids yet--most of the time it's the "I'm bored of all my toys" scenario! Oh boy! But yes, this and every other stage of their lives shall pass, and then we'll wonder what happened to our darling little child who used to love just being with mommy just 'cuz! (I'm experiencing that with my oldest 2 right now, can you tell? :-)
    PS New follower from VB!

  22. omg she is so adorable! I want to have a daughter like that one day....omg omg omg sooooooooo cute!!!!


  23. Oh man, my girl has so many of her friends in her bed/with her at all times, boggles my mind! Surprisingly, my girl was a breeze to potty train. I stressed about it so bad (because she's just a tad stubborn *ahem*) and I remember how hard it was with my younger brothers. I think after all the acid reflux and no sleeping issues of her first year God gave me a break on the potty training ;o)

  24. Ha! I can SO relate! Ava looks adorable!!

  25. She's quite the little character. Seriously... Ava + Bubbs = cutest couple ever.


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