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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

For the Love of Shoes

There are few things in life I love as much as I love shoes.
Handbags are one of them. But, I digress.
As I've mentioned here, my brother and sister.in.law were recently in Europe and made stops in  London, Paris and Rome just to torture me during their stay.
Not only did my brother bring me back photos of the Hermes window, as much for me as for Celia, but my sister.in.law snapped photos of random shoe displays throughout Europe many of which I'm pretty sure were placed there just to taunt me.
I swear I even heard my name being called in more than one of the photos! 

Of course, I zoomed in and found the makes of many of the lovelies. 
How could I not I ask you?
As evidenced by...
I want these shoes.
I need these shoes.
They are screaming my name. And I cannot make them stop.

They are by designer Annabel Winship who when asked what type of woman is in her target market, she replied "a woman who would like to smile when she looks down at her feet". 
That's me! That's me!
Here are just a couple of other whimsical favorites:
isabella {please note name}

And then, as if all this cuteness wasn't enough...I click on "my little winship" and then I cry.
Because I just cannot.handle.the.sweetness. 

union jack

ice cream

I need to go to Paris. Stat.
I'm dedicating today's post to my bloggy friend Cate who might just love shoes more than I do. Might. 


  1. Oh! The hambug reminds me of ballroom dancing shoes - so fun! And those little ice cream ones? Perfect.

  2. OMYGOSH ... my friend this is shoe heaven ... and love ! love! the little winship shoes!! Ok ... I think Ava would be fabulous travelling and Paris is calling ...I was just saying to G. that we were so enjoying the fabulous pumpkin yummy treat you baked ... that neither thought to take a photo of Ava in "her" wedge walk!! ... I'm still smiling ear to ear when I think of her walking in to the kitchen!!!

    Merci!!! C. (HHL)

  3. OOOOHHHHHH my gosh!!! They are all cute. However, having been to Paris quite recently, I'm sure the price tags were not! We viewed those same windows and walked away shaking our heads.... one pair of shoes easily equalled FIVE roundtrip plane tickets to the City of Light! WOWZA!

    On a happy note, my husband did give me a sweet peck on the cheek as we walked away -- thanking me for choosing the plane tickets :)

  4. Give me the Isabellas or give me death! I also love the union jack on the other shoes! So cute! People may diss Immelda Marcos but isn't there a little bit of her in all of us?

  5. I spoke at a conference this weekend and a couple of ladies decided to attend my breakout session because of our shared love of shoes. You never know what a great pair will do for ya! :)

  6. If you're going, I'll be happy to accompany you (to help find shoes, of course). :)

  7. i need to go to paris too! i love the top shoes and those little mary janes, ahhh! too cute.

  8. Those tiny mary janes are so cute! They'll look good on my daughter, for sure. Shoes are definitely a woman's best friend.

  9. Dearest Susan,

    You will one day be able to push your nose against the windows of Paris and London! Window shopping and who knows how happy you will be when looking down at your feet?
    Hugs to you,

  10. I have a bit of a thing for shoes.....they make me happy.

  11. Oh, I need that first pair definitely!! I love that you do shoes too on your blog. What day do you typically? Maybe we should link to each other, or do a linky?? Do we have anyone else who does shoes on vB?


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