Ava Grace's Closet: Photo Challenge :: Fave from April
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Photo Challenge :: Fave from April

This week's prompt at The Paper Mama is to share your favorite photo from April.
That one's easy...I've shared this photo already, and used it on my page's facebook banner AND on my new shop banner. {added tons of sweet goodies for newborn babes :: come have a peek!}
Just can't get enough of this giggling face.
Seeing her happy makes my heart happy.

The Paper Mama

Winner of our eShakti birthday giveaway was comment #9, Christina from The Olive TreeCongrats! I will email you. 


  1. shut the front door!!!! SO EXCITED!!!! what a great day...I also got a package from my favorite blogger...how cute is that coat!? Thanks a million!

  2. She is so PRETTY!!! And I love her curls.

  3. What a cutie!! I love her beautiful smile! Enjoy!!

  4. love, love, love this photo each and every time I see it! p.s. your storenvy shop is super cute too!

  5. What a great pic! Look at all those curls! She is so cute!

  6. really is a great photo! and I keep meaning to check out these photo challenges...

  7. The curls, the smile, the sparkle in her eyes!! BEAUTIFUL ... it must be so wonderful to be able to see the world (again) through her eyes... xo C.(HHL)


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