Ava Grace's Closet: Those Terrible Two's
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Those Terrible Two's

Someone is turning two later this week.
Two. Crazy.
I will say this. 
The one good thing about having a baby so long after thinking you were so done is that you forget most of the tough stuff.
The sleepless nights.
The pain of early breastfeeding.
The age 2.
My husband reminds me often of what one or the other of the older ones used to do at this age.
Don't you remember?...
What I do remember is that the energy never seems to run out.
I've definitely re-learned this on these past few warm days.
I've basically chased her the entire weekend.
And she goes non.stop.
I love watching her explore.
Am really trying to take it all in. Appreciate the little moments.
And happily, seem to have way more patience than I ever used to. The second good thing.
Especially good when when I have to drag her semi-screaming from the neighbor's front porch.
Dear neighbors. While you were out, we may have used your home for this impromptu photo shoot. So, thank you.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love that you get to experience her with more patience. My boys are so close in age. I often wonder if I would have more patience if they were spread out more. Probably not...haha! Have a great day. : )

  2. She is so cute. The age if two is certainly interesting as I'm finding out. Happy early birthday to her!

  3. Ava looks so darling! and she is certainly enjoying the great weather we have been blessed with! Can you believe the temps this week and it's only mid March..... no complaints here ... bring on the warmth!! happy Tuesday my friend, xo C. (HHL)

  4. Too cute! I love her shoes! She is so adorable. I have a 17 year old and a lot in between but I still don't remember my 3 year old woes, but boy is she schooling me on the things I forgot! LOL Happy Parenting :)

  5. Love this :-) She is adorable, My daughters Jayda Grace I love the name Grace, you dont hear it often enough, she will be 2 on April 19, I have 5 boys and then we had her, and its such a difference, all the girly things that she does that I am not used to, you are trully blessed! Love your blog, i am now a follower.

  6. What a blessing! It's more like the terrible teens! LoL!! Actually I love everything about discovering life through my children's eyes. Absolutely beautiful family!!

  7. Great pics. I just recently watched a video of my son at 2(he's now 7), I can't BELIEVE how much he's changed and how fast time flies. Give her lots of squeezes while she's so squeezable!

  8. ...and terrible threes, and terrible fours, haha. reminds me of a satuday evening the kids were playing at a neighbors house. son didn't want to leave, so i had to carry him, literally kicking and screaming, across the cauldesac to our house knowing everyone in the neighborhood could see and hear us. he is so different than my daughter.


    1. Isn't that SO much fun? And other mother's are all "judgey". Especially love that.

  9. Omg, you must have way more energy than me.....I'm tired just thinking about your two-year old......

  10. Haha... photo shoot at the neighbors!! :) She is so cute! Happy Birthday to your little one. I hope the next couple years go as smoothly as possible. Toddlers are so dang cute, but they can be a handful!! :)

  11. My younger son is a week or so away from turning two, too! It's a fun age, but exhausting. I love that you used your neighbor's yard for the photo shoot--my kids are constantly running up and down the front walks of all the neighbors' houses. Not sure they appreciate that...

  12. OMG...that energy. Why aren't we equipped with the same energy to chase them all day. Seems only fair right?
    We skipped the terrible two's and hit the terrible threes...well I think it's more of him asserting his independance than anything
    She is a doll

  13. I know right!!? Thanks Kimberly. I seem to remember 3 being tougher than 2....

  14. Sounds like my 2 year old. He is crazy and goes non-stop until finally every few days he will just crash. And yes I think 3 is harder than 2. At least it was with my 4 year old. But they are so sweet and cute:))


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