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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I Wore : Faux Fur

It got really cold. Really fast.
Bare foot one day. Socks AND BOOTS the next.
The sun is in full-shine mode so it is deceiving.
I am staring at my new boots in the above picture.
Just in case you were wondering. 
They finally came in from Asos. Weeks later.
Don't even ask about the duty.hst.handling fees.
Still worth it.
Sweater - Winners
Jeggings - Forever XXIFaux Fur Reversible Vest - The Gap
Scarf - Esprit
Boots - Asos
And that's what I'm wearing on Wednesday.
pleated poppy


  1. I love everything about your outfit!!

    Sounds like the boots took their time getting to you? Totally worth it, they are awesome!

  2. You look so cute and warm! :) All snuggly! I wish it would get cold here in the desert!

  3. Susan, what a beautiful fall post! I love the graphic lines of your link photo, the strong lines plus the strong color really send your eye right to it! And them when you get to your post....how very beautiful you are seasonly dressed in such a stylish outfit, (you know I love a fur vest!).

    Thanks for the fashion inspiration my dear!

  4. I love your boots! Your outfit speaks Fall.

  5. This outfit is so perfect for fall. I love it

  6. If I lived near you, I would absolutely raid your closet.

  7. Those boots are gorgeous! I'm sure they were worth the wait! You look amazing, perfect outfit for fall.

  8. I know--it did the same quick cold snap here in rural Ohio! There is still sunshine, thankfully, but I groan when I go upstairs to look at my sweaters and boots. You look fabulous, as always! :)

  9. I love the fur vest and booties!! You look AMAZING in those jeggings. Thank you so much for asking me how I'm feeling-actually the past couple days have been much better minus a few nausea spells now and then!

  10. Wonderful color combo! Love all the chocolately brown. Are the boots so comfy??

  11. Wow, I love those boots! From the first picture I thought they were flat and then I saw that they were actually a wedge. I love that style.. it'll give me some extra needed height :)
    I really need to get me a faux fur vest.. I just don't think I can pull it off as well as you do!
    You look STUNNING!

  12. Cool vest, love the boots too! You look warm and comfy!

  13. Love those boots! I've been eyeing similar ones at Target...I love them paired with your skinnies. Cute!

  14. I LOOOOOOVE the boots! Fall fashion is the best.

  15. Love the pictures today - and those boots are awesome!!
    Cate @wildruffle

  16. What a cute outfit! You look great. Today was the first day it feel really cold. But then again I live in LA so I don't know real cold :/

    Stopping by from Ashlyn's blog. Wanted to meet some of the fellow ladies who were featured :)

  17. This is totally how the weather has been on Ohio! Loving your vest. xoxox

  18. Boots are a win and that vest is killing it!

  19. love it!!! wish i could pull of a vest like that!


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