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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What WE Wore Wednesday : Casual

It has been ridiculously hot all week.
So hot, it's a wonder we got dressed at all some days.
This week, it's a double-the-fun link up with both The Pleated Poppy and No Model Lady

We've been all about fresh white and cool denim.
Flowered T - Abercrombie & Fitch
Denim shorts - Forever XXI
Hard to stay still (and stop giggling) for a photograph when little this is coming at you.
For sweet hugs.
Tank + Shorts - American Eagle
White embroidered blouse - Gymboree
Denim shorts - Old Navy
I could not resist sharing these. 
They are delicious. 

Same time next week?
Have your people call my people.

And that's what we're wearing on Wednesday.

pleated poppy


  1. You all look ready for this heat wave!! BTV - is calling for upwards 41 - today... Little Miss is adorable ... love the photos of her on the phone! and curls are beautiful! I have naturally curly hair and am finally starting to embrace it... stay cool ..HHL

  2. Her curls are delicious - and both your girls are beautiful!! It's been crazy hot here too. I'm thankful for air conditioning!

  3. I love your airy tops and denim. You are all simply gorgeous and feminine! :)

  4. Your girls are adorable! I love that flower top, so cute!

  5. You are so cute. I love how the shirt with the flower makes shorts and a T-shirt look super stylish. The girls look beautiful, too. : ) Got to love this curls!

  6. you and your daughters are all gorgeous! and those curls are perfecting....


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