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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jump on in


After a lengthy delay...something about a fence being installed...we are now open for the kind of business only a pool can bring.
The FUN kind.
The King will jump.
The girls will lounge. 
And ride ducks.
Not necessarily in that order.
The season here is short.
So we plan on enjoying every last minute.
Staying cool and Summer Lovin'.


  1. Those pesky fence bi-laws .. glad that you are able to enjoy your pool ... it has been extremely hot north of the city - so I can only imagine what city temps have been like with the humidity!! ... Looks you are having a fabulous day... beautiful photos. xo HHL

  2. HOw refreshing...is this open to the public? ;)

  3. We've been spending most of our summer floating around in the pool, too. I can't think of a better way to spend it. Yours is gorgeous, btw! Wow!

    Following you from the Totally Tuesday Blog Hop! I hope you'll follow back. Stop by and say hi!


  4. Awww, you have a beautiful family! Oh and even though it's midnight here our house is still 86 degrees! I could definitely go swimming right now! Great blog, I'm a happy new follower :).



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