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Friday, August 2, 2019

Things Ava Says

I promised myself long ago, that I would do my best to always remember the things my children say.
But you see, age and the ongoing busy have a way of making you forget. 
So, I write things down. {brilliant idea right?}
I came across a note in my iphone the other day called Things Ava Says and thought I would share this pricelessness with you today.
Because this is the stuff.
These are the stories I want to tell her about when she's older.
How she made me laugh uncontrollably on our drives home.
How I had more than one what.the.actual.hell moment 
And more than a few where did this child come from?
Driving home from the first day at her new camp earlier this week -
"He totally has a crush on me. I can tell."
Mama: How do you know that Ava?
"He stares at me and always wants to be around me. Then he told me my clay pig was really good".

While watching her favourite dance show - The Next Step -
"I don't even know how she likes Noah, like when you look at him from THAT angle?"
"Mama, a lot them have some "small ones" {holds chest} - did you notice that?".

When she told me last year, rather out of the blue, that she wanted to take guitar lessons -
"It's hard to explain. I'm just more of a guitar person".

When I ask her how you know when someone's in love -
"They're doing a lot of "that" - {points at someone kissing} and whispers - having S-E-X. 

She hears a story about a woman committing a crime -
"She broke one of the 10 commandments!!"

When I call her anything but Ava Grace in public -
"I don't mind - at home you can do it as much as you want. I get embarrassed in front of older people when you say "boo boo" and all that".

And lastly, my personal favourite of late - when she has a big day -
"I gotta wear a pair of lucky underwear!".
My sweet girl.
Don't ever change.


  1. Dearest Susan,
    Oh for heaven's sake, it is valuable for jotting down all that chit-chatter as they grow up and wise up. At times indeed making one wonder where they came from, where they got that insight from?!
    It is funny and a good chuckle while driving is welcome.
    Sending you all hugs for the weekend.


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