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Friday, February 8, 2019

Priority: ME

Today's post is sponsored by Juvederm.

If you, like me, rarely find time for yourself? Put your hands up.

If you, like me, have a never-ending to do list that rarely includes any "me time"? Put your hands up.

If you, like me, put your children in front of yourself ALWAYS? Put your hands up.

And if you, like me, wonder when exactly you went from 28 to {ahem} 48? Put your hands WAY up.

Today I made myself a priority.
Today I put aside my busy life and focused on making myself feel great.
Today I put myself first and did something that I feel good about.
And today? Today I refuse to feel guilty about it.
Can I get an AMEN?

I'm not sure I ever gave much thought to whether or not I would age gracefully.
To be honest, I'm not sure I ever thought I would age at all.
Somehow I would defy this process. 
In the midst of raising 3 children, working full-time and getting nowhere near enough sleep?
I would surely become the next Benjamin Button.
Alas, this was not to be.
And I, like you, began to investigate.
What could I do that was more than a face cream but not as invasive {or expensive} as surgery?
What had little to no down-time and could leave me looking refreshed but still like myself?
All roads led me to cosmetic injectables.
And those roads led me to Juvederm.

Not only is Juvederm the number one doctor-recommended facial filler here in Canada but worldwide, having been used in over 32 million treatments. The line provides a suite of products that can be used alone - or in conjunction depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  AND, it contains lidocaine, a painkiller that aids with any discomfort both during and after treatment.
SOLD. Results can last up to 24 months (!).

On treatment day, I travelled to Dermetics, located in Burlington, and one of the fastest growing dermatology clinics in Ontario.

With two globally known doctors on-site, I knew I was in great hands. For my initial consultation, I met with a registered nurse who guided me through not only what the process would be, but also, how I felt about what I was about to do.

We spoke at length about what I have been doing with my skin to date AND what I hoped to achieve with regards to the injections.

The goal was still me, only better.
I hoped to look softened and well rested.

She told me about the importance of sunscreen and how, in fact, it remains the single most important thing you can do for your skin.
I was SO glad to already be on board that train!
We took a series of "before" photos and before long, it was time to meet with Dr. Rosen.
The doctor was nothing shy of gracious and a true professional. He took time to get to know me - my goals for treatment and how I felt about about the outcome he proposed. He too touted the virtues of sunscreen (!) before thoroughly explaining the procedure while allowing me to use a mirror that he guided me with.

We agreed on natural but better. He would soften the marionette lines on either side of my lower nose area towards my mouth. Add volume to the sides of my forehead and in the hollows of my eyes. And a little extra in the side cheekbone area which would provide a "lifted affect" overall.
He then drew all of this on my face {so.much.fun} and prepared the product that would be used.

During the treatment, which I would equate to a little stronger than a pinch, he made sure I was comfortable and provided step by step commentary. 
Which I love. 

When I was halfway done {read: half of my face was complete} he allowed me to see the difference.


I could literally see one side raised higher than the other. Just uncanny.
photos above taken 4 weeks post-procedure
Once the entire treatment was complete, I left with a concise list of what to expect and what to do if I felt any discomfort. I experienced a slight headache that day - used one regular strength Tylenol - and by the evening, felt completely fine. The results are immediate.

And I began to immediately get compliments from colleagues and family asking what I was doing differently. I looked well-rested. And, refreshed.

I love my results.
Have you tried facial fillers? I would love to hear about your experience.



  1. Susan , as a gal who believes your best life starts with self care! I love everything about this post. As we age, we learn it's not about looking younger - it's about looking our age, only - as you mentioned more refreshed, rested. These photos look absolutely natural !! You have me thinking HMMMM... maybe something to consider. As always when women share with each other magic happens, I'm sure many women have been considering this but are too scared, and too shy to explore ask questions, discuss with other women. Thank you for sharing your experience <3

    1. Thank you Celia! I do believe the same. And I absolutely enjoyed sharing so that other women can learn from my own experience and then make their own decisions on whether or not this is right for them.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    You are rather brave for having this done!
    As for me, I never could risk another auto immune disease attack and such injections could easily trigger a high risk.
    My entire life I've believed in the natural grace of the age you are in.
    It is becoming such a rapid culture (red. $$$$) and looks like you have to do this.
    When i watch the news and see for instance the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, she is a very bad example of what not to do. With all her face work, she looks awful. No natural emotions showing, no character but a molded 'old' Barbie doll. That is absolutely not what I ever aim for.
    My kidneys would not like those injections either... it is against the natural way.
    Injecting confidence by needle at such a high price will never be my thing!

    1. Hello my beautiful Mariette,

      I completely understand - and agree, any type of cosmetic procedure is not for everyone. I am for it - as long as it is never overdone, never has you looking like you are no longer yourself and makes you feel better in your skin. My experience has been just that! My goal was me - just refreshed and I feel as though that is what I achieved.

      You are beautiful - injections or not!
      Love you


  3. Well, you look great. I would do this and I might just do it soon.

  4. I have had a few treatments with Botox but have never tried the fillers. Your results were so good I need to talk to my doctor.

    1. I was the same! This was the first time for me - very pleased with the results.

  5. Amen. Self care has to start with you and good for you taking care of yourself. You look wonderful.

    1. Thank you so much! And I agree - somehow as mothers, we're always very last on that list!

  6. I am so glad that you took care of yourself Susan! It is logical to spread the love to everyone and yet we fight it with our own guilt. Thanks for sharing and helping others be more logical and less emotional about doing the obvious- taking care of ourselves too!

    1. Thanks Penny! I guilt myself about taking time for me ALL THE TIME. This year, no more! Appreciate your comment.

  7. I would love to try this but I am such a big chicken! I am having vascular surgery on Friday, so maybe after this treatment I'll be more willing to try others.

    1. Ha ha! I feel you. I'm actually pretty ok with cosmetic procedures...best of luck with your surgery this Friday! Hope everything goes safe and smooth.

  8. I'd never heard of facial-fillers before. It was interesting to learn about this!

    1. Thank you! I think you hear more about the "b" word vs this product and funny enough, it provides natural looking results AND lasts longer! Appreciate you stopping by to read.

  9. Excellent results! I have been considering facial fillers in my brow lines. Your before and after photos make me want to book my appointment immediately.

  10. Thanks Marcie! The photos don't do it justice - promise! I am so thrilled with the results - mostly because I feel like I don't look overdone but I can tell the difference when applying make up and such. Really pleased with my experience!

  11. Both before and after your beautiful and for fillers no, I haven't thought about them but I should since everyone things I am my sons grandmother instead of his mom.

  12. I really should start putting myself first for once. I can't remember the last time I had any 'me' time or did something that wasn't for someone. Well done you for putting yourself first for a change :)

    Louise x