Ava Grace's Closet: Nineteen : Dear Izzy

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Nineteen : Dear Izzy

 Dear Izzy,
Funny how we call you that.
When I chose your name, I envisioned calling you Bella.
Not sure we've ever called you that - even once.
You were Isabella.
My first born.
My heart.
And today, as you turn 19, you're just Izzy.

I want so many things for you.
But most of all, I want you to be whoever you want to be.
Just like my mother before you allowed me to be exactly what I wanted.
Never judging.
Even when I did the craziest stuff imaginable.
I know I made her insane most days.
Today - I realize that her reactions were those of unconditional love.
The same type of love I have for you my beautiful girl.

You are me.
More than the others.
I know everyone tells you that - but Izzy, you are far more.
You pick up where I left off and do better.
Pushing yourself harder than I ever did.
Without any prompting from anyone.
No matter how many times I tell you to go easy on yourself.
You just continue to be the best that you can be.
Often at the expense of yourself.

You care so much about what is right.
And are sensitive. And kind. And thoughtful.
I like to think you learned some of this from me.
I hope I instilled in you that giving is so much sweeter than receiving.
That not everyone will appreciate your efforts - and that those need to be done for no one but yourself.
That speaking your mind and sharing your wisdom should never not be an option.
That you are beautiful on the outside but far, far more beautiful on the inside.
And that the right boy will care about that far more than how you present yourself to the world.

I have done many of the things you are doing before you.
And made many of the same mistakes.
Some days, the toughest part of being your mother is not warning you enough about those.
Not always catching you before you fall.
And days where even I can't stop the tears - of heartbreak or of frustration.
Know that I have cried a river before you.
And if I could, would take each of your tears as my own.

Your smile lights up a room little girl.
And my wish for you, on this day, and every day is that your smiles outweigh your sadness.
That your heart is always full.
And that you are always treated - by everyone - the way you DESERVE to be treated.

No one will ever love you like I do.
My baby girl.
Then, today, always.



  1. Dearest Susan,
    As always, you are the BEST in writing feelings straight from the heart.
    So pure, so open and so spontaneous without covering up.
    No doubt your Izzy will follow in your footsteps of being a very loving, caring and charming woman!
    May she encounter honesty on her way through life; not getting hurt and always being rewarded for her inner beauty.
    Sending you hugs and congrats on this very special day for all of you.

  2. Mariette,
    Thank you for always sharing a kind word - for being one of my biggest cheerleaders. I am lucky to know you.


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