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Monday, May 15, 2017

On Mother's Day : Things My Mama Taught Me

 My mother was the original fashionista in our family.
Her closet is still a virtual who's who of now vintage fashion - and lucky for me, she passed on her knowledge {and love!} of the subject early on.

An immigrant from Croatia - they started their journey towards Canada via Germany.
My mother tells me she would spend countless hours window shopping in the streets of Germany; wishing she could afford to buy herself something. Anything.
But money those days was scarce.
My brother remained in the homeland so dollars were saved and sent - anything extra was put away to ensure they could visit him as often as possible.
A sacrifice towards what would eventually be a better life for them and for him.

Years later, when they were already settled in Toronto, she could finally afford a little luxury.
And by luxury, I mean a little something for herself here and there.
This usually meant a piece from Holt Renfrew - likely on sale - but still, at the time, the most expensive store in the mall.
Likewise, she always dressed my brother and I in the best of everything - to her, quality equated value. 
And for herself, the same rang true.
She didn't have a lot but what she had was always the best she could afford.

My mother taught me that fashion would always come back around.
And thankfully, she kept those pieces she knew would make a comeback.
That quality always prevailed over quantity. 
No fast fashion for her.
That if you were going to buy something - let it be something of substance.
Or don't buy it at all.
And opinionated? Wow. Is Was she ever.

Here are a few additional thoughts from The Book Of  Mama Milka, in no particular order:
 Long hair has no place on a woman once she reaches middle age.
Ditto for red lipstick and long nails.
The kitten heel will always prevail. Stilettos always did and always will get her talking.
If you are going to have a face lift, don't forget about your neck.
Your hands? They will always tell your age.
Show off as much skin as you want in your youth. THAT is your time.

oh, mama.
You were almost always right.
i love you.

PS - I am really excited about these photos as I found photographs of my mother and I together very scarce.
I'm committing to taking more.
Note: the dress she is wearing is over 50 years old. Also note, I took it home.


  1. Your mother has fine taste and you inherited that ;) Two generations of beautiful, smart women. Happy mother's day to you and your mom!

  2. Dearest Susan,
    You only can EMBRACE such a fine lady!
    She lived a very hard life, sacrificing everything for her family in order to live a better life.
    In the end, that prevailed and it made her strong and even more gracious.
    No one can acquire such a perfect outlook on life, it has to be inherited and being fed by some loving female family member early on.
    You are so very fortunate for having inherited all her strong character traits and you know how to snatch up a piece of fashion that YOU love!
    Your Mama's timeless elegance in dressing with class will never fade out of style...


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