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Friday, August 19, 2016

Get Your End of Summer Glow On with L'Eclisse

The older I get, the more sunscreen I apply - and at that, the stronger, the better.
I'm especially paranoid with my face which not only gets dry with overexposure but quickly darkens in areas. 
If I could change just one thing from the past, my constant sunning might just be it.

Nowadays, I get my glow from faux tanners, bronzers and the like.
It's easy to look sun kissed without every actually spending any time in the sun.
As evidenced by the photos below - a summer glow achieved with just 3 naturally organic L'Eclisse products.
The entire look takes under 8 minutes to create and leaves your skin feeling sun kissed and airy - not covered up or heavy.
Also, this lip gloss may just be the best-smelling gloss I've ever tried.


product list:
on face: Pressed Mineral Foundation in "Deep Bronze"
on cheeks: Pressed Mineral Blush in "Pink Coral"
on lips: Natural Lip Gloss in "Coral Glow"

How do you keep your summer glow going?
Lord knows, the summer seems to be slipping away as quickly as it came in.

Happy Weekend.

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  1. Dearest Susan,
    Oh, that Pink Coral is my favorite! It goes so well with your olive skin complexion too. Great choice.


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