Ava Grace's Closet: Family Flex Time Adventure with Ford
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Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Flex Time Adventure with Ford

If you follow along on instagram, you would have seen the fantabulous adventure we had a few weekends ago while taking the new Ford Flex for a spin.
We were amazed at the multi-panel sunroof and how roomy the vehicle was - I drive an SUV personally so both the kids and I are used to having lots of space. I often reach back to hold Ava's hand or give her a high five and honestly, I could barely reach her. 
Tons of leg room and an extra row of seats that we're already accustomed to.
That said, using my own additional seats when necessary is nowhere near as comfortable or easy to set up. 
A set of buttons in the back trunk allowed us to quickly lift the seats for sitting or tuck them away COMPLETELY for storage.
We may or may not have done this numerous times while watching in amazement.

I quickly set up my phone with the SYNC technology for safe driving and we hit the road and headed into the city for brunch at The Starving Artist.
The girls played board games while I sipped on iced coffee. And ate waffle everything.
Afterwards, we hit Sugar Beach to see if we might get a spot under a pretty pink umbrella - it started to rain just as we arrived.
Nothing was going to put a damper on our adventure so we quickly snapped a few photos and Ava played in the warm rain.
We headed to a children's fashion event in the city put on by two of our favourite instagram friends - Mini Model Gallery and Bonjour Baby Baskets.
Parking on the busy Danforth?
Not so fun.
Parallel parking? Even worse.
I used the Active Park Assist feature that I had heard about on the vehicle - a push of the "auto P" button allowed the vehicle to easily tuck into the spot with little to no effort from me.
We stopped for an impromptu photo shoot, because graffiti. 
And, in an effort to ensure we ended our day on a sweet note, made our way over to Sweet Jesus on Queen Street for one of their jazzed up cones.
Thanks to the rain, the line was super short - a first! 
The sun quickly came back out in full force and I have to tell you, I have never been so happy to read the words, "cooled front seats".
Now that I have tried them, not sure how I will go back to black leather seats in 100+ degree weather.
Definitely one of my favourite features on the vehicle.

Looking for a roomy vehicle that easily holds kids, cargo and whatever else you need to move?
Ava and I highly recommend checking out the Ford Flex.
She is still wondering why we had to give it back...


  1. Dearest Susan,
    Wow, that definitely sounds like a super family car!
    We have cooled seats in our car as well but I don't like that... It freezes my butt.
    Love the cute photos of your girls.
    Sending you hugs and blessings for the weekend.

  2. cooled seats? that totally interests me. The flex is a fascinating vehicle.


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