Ava Grace's Closet: Dear Ava...Now You're 6
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Ava...Now You're 6

 Today, you're 6. 
I know you know that since you told us this was happening about 6,345,238 times.
You're a little bit excited about your birthday.
You keep asking me who all is coming over later.
I keep telling you nana and papa.
And you keep saying, "that's it?!".
You've gone ahead and invited a few other people that you want there.
And boldly told them that they could buy you "clothes or toys or makeup".

You talk pretty much non-stop.
We all tell you it drives us crazy but secretly, we love it.
I wonder if any of us would even know what to do if you were suddenly quiet for any length of time.
Just like you're brother and sister, you are very sensitive.
And don't like being told what to do. Or God forbid, when you've done something wrong.
Some days, you're moody.
And on those days, the only person who will do is mommy.
Poor Isabella picks you up from school and you walk right past her without even saying hello.
Those are the not so good days.
Thankfully, they're far and few between.

You're in senior kindergarten this year and you love it.
Your teacher is amazing and I think she knows you think she's pretty great.
You tell her every day about your adventures and just yesterday, told her all about your new persian kitten.
I have no idea who even told you that Calvin is a persian but, there you have it.
You are SO smart.
There are days where your thought pattern just makes me shake my head.
And your reading?
You love books.
And playing on the tablet.
And watching Grey's Anatomy with mommy.
Which makes perfect sense since you're going to be a doctor. 
"and an artist. and a mom"

Sweet Ava Grace, I always tell you that God gave you to us.
And in my heart, I know it's true.
I have been told by more than one person that you have definitely been here before.
So wise and old for your years you are.
If I think about you for too long, I will cry.
And sometimes I do when I watch you laying beside me so peacefully.
And about that.
Can you start sleeping in your own bed anytime soon?
You're 6!

Love you more than chocolate chip cookies. And lipstick. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Miss A.! Beautiful post Susan ... what a treasure of moments you are capturing for Miss A. xo


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