Ava Grace's Closet: Conversations with Ava
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Conversations with Ava

I am home with the kids this week for March Break. 
Our morning has already started with Ava telling my husband and I to sit quietly {no one can move or talk mommy} while she sings a song that she wrote the lyrics for.
She danced around, sang and then waited while we clapped and cheered her on.
Someone loves attention.
And seriously, the stuff that comes out of her mouth?

Driving along, minding my own business.
"Mom? Which one is a lambo?"
"That's Julian's favourite car, I wish we could buy one for him."

"Mom? Do you want to watch "Spicalame"? 
Pretty sure she means Dispicable Me.

At the airport, she quickly finds the tables with built-in ipads.
"Mom, see? You can see a menu here". Points at the ipad.
"I'm going to order you a coffee".

On the plane, holding a menu.
"There's something I want to order {circles pringles with her finger} THESE chips".

And here I thought learning to read early was a good thing.

Isabella getting ready to leave the house.
"Be careful and don't talk to people you don't know. Those are strangers."

Daily when she sees the state of the kids rooms.
"Uggggh. THESE KIDS."

Friends of ours just left for the Bahamas.
This isn't sitting so well with her.
"I hope Ava is having fun in the Bahamas."
Me - I'm sure she is honey. It's hot there.
"Are you kidding me? We should leave too".

Happy Monday friends.
The countdown to Ava's birthday is officially on.
And she isn't letting anyone forget it.


  1. She is too adorable! I spent last week with my 9-year old Ava Grace and marveled at the humor in one so young. Loved every minute of it.

  2. ****SMILING**** Life through a child's point of view is priceless!! - I want to go to Bahamas too!! - this rain is not welcomed .. lol ... :)

  3. Its been awhile since Ive stopped by your blog...I rarely go into my blogger reading list. Yours was the first one and saw sweet little Ava. She is so beautiful and getting so BIG! It's precious what these kids say sometimes:) xoxo


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