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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What to Wear : The Perfect Black Pump

It's true what they say, well, what I say - sometimes, when you're shopping and see something perfect, even when you don't really need it at that exact moment, sometimes, it is best to just grab it.
Or regret it later.
Here I was happily trekking along through life, thinking I had plenty of good black pumps.
Occasionally, I would see a pair I liked and thought, oh no, I don't need those, I have LOTS of black pumps.
But then, it happened.
I reached for pair after pair only to find that some should have been donated or disposed of long ago, others were either too high for the office or too dressy. Others still were open-toed when I needed closed. Or patent, when I needed plain.
It left me realizing that you can never have too much of a good thing.

Here is what perfection in said shoe looks like:
Jimmy Choo "Abel"
It is the shoe that all other pumps are striving to be.
The perfect point, not too round, not too pointy. Beautifully cut. And with a heel height of just under 4'", they're comfortable all day, and if need be all night, long.
Now, I realize that a $600+ plus shoe is not always in the budget and more importantly, it's not one that you would want to wear to the office on a daily basis. 
And ruin.
And potentially cry over.

I did eventually find a good selection of similiar styles, all more reasonably priced, and chose these + these {here in Canada} for my own closet.
Now, I feel ready to face the Spring.

Classic Black Pump
one  | two | three |  four | five |  six | seven | eight
Who makes your favourite black pump?

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  1. Oh this post is so speaking (actually shouting) at me !! In such a fabulous way ... My friend you can never have too many shoes - and certainly black is a capsule wardrobe staple ... you "need" different heel heights and finishes ... and while I love Manolo and Jimmy and Christain !!! For an everyday shoe - NineWest (as the lovely ones you scored!!) and Browns offer up some comfortable , budget friendly options. And whenever possible - get them on sale!!! - Stay safe in all this snow!! xo


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