Ava Grace's Closet: Valentine's Day Gift Guide
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine's Day.
I remember the days of early dating and marriage where it would have been a sin to even dream of forgetting flowers. 
Today, I find it's more about the kids than anything else.
But still, I love this day of love.
see what I did there?
Here are a few fun ideas to help celebrate the occasion! 
Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1. For me. ahem. I haven't actually smelled this fragrance but the bottle alone? Screams love. And it would look lovely in my bathroom. Or anywhere. Valentino, $125

2. For your significant other. He may have a "good" watch that he wears every day but how fun would this navy one with a silicone band be for the weekend? It's one of those gifts that you might not buy for yourself but would love to have. Michael Kors, $300

3. For my Ava. Somehow, a heart-covered sweater is not a fashion faux-pas until you're at least 12. Same goes for matching printed ballet flats. I would pair these with dark denim.
Too cute for words. The Gap, sweater $21, shoes $24.99

4. For the little man in your life. I die. This might be the cutest Valentine's Day shirt I have ever seen. I remember buying Julian similiar one's when he was just a little guy - with words like "heartbreaker" or "I love mama" but this? This is a whole other level of adorable. Love it with some cozy grey sweat pants and slip on shoes.The Gap, Dr. Love top $17.99, shoes $29.95

5. For your boyfriend. Similiar to my thoughts on number 1 above, this bottle just does me in. Fabulous. This cologne I have actually smelled and it is lovely. This would make a perfect gift for those early, giddy days where you need to buy them something but you don't really want it to look too thought out. Valentino, $98

6. For your gal pal. Diptyque's limited edition "Rosaviola". Literally lasts forever. Just like your friendship. Awwww. Diptyque, $97

7. For the teenage girl. It's a little tough to see but these panties have emoji's on them! I mean, perfection. I know she would get a kick out of them and the quality on these is excellent.
 Cheek Frills, $72

8. For both of you. Forget lingerie, this is truly a gift for you both. And, it clearly lays out the facts in your relationship - just in case he forgot after all these years. Kate Spade, $50

What's on your heart-shaped list?

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