Ava Grace's Closet: The Bathroom Reveal
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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Bathroom Reveal

If you follow me on instagram then you may already know that we have been renovating
our ensuite bathroom for the last year 6 months few months.
Somehow, and I'm not sure why, we always seem to secure a contractor right before Christmas.
And then, the entire process always ends up taking far, far longer than it should.
To give you some perspective (and appreciation surrounding the renovation)  know that I used to call this the "Tony Soprano bathroom".
Picture beige marble from floor to ceiling.
Intricate tumbled stone cornice molding with what I think was a wave pattern on it.
Gold fixtures WITH crystal knobs everywhere.
A step-in jacuzzi tub that could hold our entire family. and yours.
And what might have been the worst shower in history.

Now, it's minimal + modern, with clean lines.
And somehow, seems to get more sunlight than before.
With that monstrosity of a tub gone, it's given us so much more room - it doesn't even look like the same space.
And we love it.


  1. I know (the nightmare of) renovations too well .. your new bathroom looks lovely and sounds like day and night from the prior decor that existed - this is definitely not "Tony" ..lol.. Loving the soft grey ..looks so inviting and spacious .. enjoy , hugs, C.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    You obviously did not select that bathroom at first but years back those Jacuzzi tubs were all the rage... Not practical of course but you solved the problem.
    This looks very elegant and above all; practical which is always my first goal. Functionality above all else.

  3. Looks amazing! 6 months is pretty good. We're going on 3 years lol!

  4. Looks amazing! 6 months is pretty good. We're going on 3 years lol!


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