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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sheltered In Suburbia : On the GO with GO Transit

I consider our Ava Grace to be quite the seasoned little traveller.
 In her short 5 years, she has already been to Cuba, to Florida numerous times and just last year, to both Croatia and Slovenia. {with a quick stop at London's Heathrow!
I find that the younger you start them, the more accustomed to travel they become. 
She can sit for long periods of time so long as we bring an array of activities and usually entertains herself pretty well. 
When I told her that we would be doing a solo mama/daughter trip to Niagara Falls with Go Transit's new weekend train service, she was beyond excited.
I mean, what kid doesn't love a good train ride?
This mama was just excited I didn't have to drive and instead, could finally just enjoy the view and stalk instagram some much needed downtime. 

Now, I have a confession to make.
For someone who has travelled on trains throughout her childhood in Europe? I have NEVER been on a GO train {or any train in Canada for that matter}. 
I was so impressed with how organized the whole process was; from the convenience of stations throughout Toronto and the suburbs, to the readily available assistance from personnel on-site who were more than kind to this novice.
Both the stations and the trains themselves were super clean with huge windows; we loved the experience of sitting on the very top car. 
When you're travelling with a 5 year old, little things are often big things.

Go Transit's seasonal weekend service offers trains and buses from Toronto to two regions in the Niagara area including Niagara Falls and Niagara On-The-Lake in addition to the waterfront area in Barrie.
The feeling of freedom (not to mention no parking fees!) was liberating and such a nice break from the hustle and bustle of our everyday. 
Rates vary depending on where you board and Go Transit offers a convenient family pack (for up to 5 family members, including 2 adults) that allows you to travel between 2 stops an unlimited number of times at one low price.
Or imagine the bonus of using your presto pass but changing it up to include a trip OUT of the city for a change?
Summer is a busy time, why not fit it all in and do some exploring.
You never know when there might be an opportunity to do some jumping.

Do you have any weekend adventures planned for this summer?

We live for the weekends, especially during the summer. And planning them is just half the fun. Exploring the big city or biking through wine country - it's good to have weekend options and we give them to you. Toronto to Niagara. Barrie to Toronto. Either way, we'll take you there. Seasonal weekend train service runs until Sept 7. Discover a different side of GO this summer at gotransit.com/getaway.
Disclosure: This post was brought to you by GO Transit via Mode MEdia Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Metrolinx. 


  1. We were at Niagara Falls last Labor Day - a last big family fling holiday here in the states - BIG mistake. However, we did love Niagara-on-the-Lake and would enjoy going back. The train trip sounds delightful! And, what an adorable little travel companion you have.

  2. Dearest Susan,
    That was really a very nice treat to give yourself! How relaxing for not having to drive and look for parking space etc. etc.
    Happy for both of you. Ava is lengthening up, she is growing too fast...


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