Ava Grace's Closet: Letting Go
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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Letting Go

Growing up, my own mother used to tell me all the time how I would be her baby forever.
It used to irritate me.
I would roll my eyes and laugh. She would say that one day, when I had my own children, that I would understand.
Well, that day has come.
My first baby is getting on a jet plane this evening and flying thousands of miles away. Without me.

I know in my heart that we have taught her well.
To respect herself. To respect others.
And to be weary of everyone. 
My mother also taught me not to go where you didn't need to be and that you were always better safe than sorry.
This evening will be a tough one for me.
I cannot help but picture her as she is in the photograph below - venturing out on her own. It makes me want to grab her, hold her and never let her go.
It's official.
I've become my mother.

Sweet Isabella, you will be my baby forever. 
You tell me I am crazy. That you will call, text everyday. 
I tell you that I will still worry.
And that one day, when you have your own children, you will understand. 
I love you more than anything.
I am proud of you. And so excited about the experiences that lie ahead for you on this trip of a lifetime.
But I still can't wait for you to get home.



  1. that must be so hard! Annabelle is only 2 and I already know I'll struggle watching her go off on her own, guess it's just a mom-thing.

  2. This made me tear up thinking of my two girls, I can't imagine the day when they will be going off on their own and I would feel the exact same as you.

  3. I already struggle with this! And my kids at most go for a week with their Grandparents. I hope you stay strong Susan!

  4. We never stop being a mommy and I'm a grandmother who still prays every time I know one of mine is going on a trip. She will be fine just as you were, and she will grow up and think, "I've become my mother," just like you one day. But sweetie, it never gets easy to let them go even when they are 46 and 44.

  5. It's at times as these that I'm glad my babies are 4-legged ... :) I can't imagine the symphony of emotions you are experiencing my friend, but I know that you are a wonderful mother and Isabella has a great head on her shoulders (she had the best teacher YOU!!) ... Wishing her safe travels and lots adventure. XO

  6. 18 months ago, my 17 year old daughter left for a month on a school trip to India. I worried for the first couple of days but that worry turned to excitement when she contacted us via Facebook. It was a long month for me but she had a fantastic time and came home a very independent young lady. In five months I will be waving off my 16 year old son on the same trip and again to India. I worry for my son just the same as I did my daughter but the difference is, I know that he will be fine as will I and he will come home the better for the experience.

  7. Dearest Susan,
    What a lovely post from the heart! Isabella will have super time and rest assured, with a Mom like you, she received the BEST foundation any girl could ever get.
    Relax and you know too well that time is flying. Soon she will be sharing exciting stories with you...

  8. So brave mama. I will be a crazy parent for sure come the teenage years...oh who am I kidding ... I already am.


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