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Monday, July 27, 2015

Favourites : Luminess Air

I have seen the look achieved by airbrush makeup numerous times - and always thought that it had to be either impossible to achieve or done by a trained professional. 
I watched advertisements for this or similiar products and just never thought I could do what I was watching with any skill or precision; that I would obviously come off looking the entire wrong colour and ridiculously made up.
When I received the Luminess Air product, I was surprised to find how compact it was. 
I set about learning more about the product, how best to match your own skin tone and the steps required to ensure an even, natural application. 
Honestly? Even once I had read the manual AND watched the instructional DVD, I was still a little intimidated. I am not a professional makeup artist by any stretch of the imagination - 
I set up everything I needed and played with the stylus ensuring it felt comfortable and then proceeded to swatch a few of the shades contained in the starter kit on the lower part of my face. It was simple to quickly discover which shades would work best - one slightly lighter and one the actual shade I was after.
I started with a very thin layer of the moisturizing primer all over my face. 
Well, that was easy enough.
From there, I proceeded to put a few drops of the lighter base into the stylus; I began to spray, making sure that the nozzle was a safe distance away from my face. 
It took a few moments to layer some extra coverage on problem areas {including my forehead where melasma had come and stayed} and a few dark spots that I have on one cheek. 
I then used the slightly darker shade all over.
I decided to add some colour to my cheeks.
The Luminess Air line offers not only base shades but cheek, bronzer and even eye shadow in airbrush form.
This time, I washed out the machine and used a few drops of a pretty pink blush shade focusing on the apples of my cheeks and using the same method. 
I blended using my finger tips just slightly {I don't think I will need to as I become more experienced} and voila. 
Know that for the purpose of this post, I actually captured my very first application using the system. 
I loved the flawless look and the very minimal effort it took to achieve it.

Since trying the system, I have been mastering the skill of airbrushing; using it daily in place of my regular foundation.
The coverage is truly unbelievable plus I am having way more fun in the mornings.
My skin has a nice glow and looks natural vs "sprayed on" which I worried it would.
The best part? It lasts! To the tune of 10 hours if you need it to.
Pretty amazing for a mineral-water based, oil {and fragrance!} free formula.

Visit Luminess Air to learn more, watch fun how-to videos and purchase the product. 
Their anniversary sale is on now if you're considering a system or need refills of your favourite goodies. 


  1. You always look gorgeous and radiant, so maybe you could do a comparison post sometime - airbrush/regular foundation. Can't believe how much AG looks like you in the last picture. Interesting post, thanks.

  2. This looks like fun!! I want to play too ... I have been looking for an easy way to apply foundation as it can be challenging at times due to my elbow's unpredictable limited movement from time to time. You look fabulous as always ..xo


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