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Thursday, June 25, 2015

What Ava Wore : Summer Camp Ready + A Giveaway!

Ms. Ava Grace is ALL about summertime.
She must have asked me about 4,327,946 times whether "school" was finished and summer camp is starting.
We've got her Stuck on You written and iron-on labels on, well, everything. And don't even get me started on the cuteness that is this personalized sunhat.
She may or may not wear it everywhere she goes.

personalized hat - c/o Stuck on You
t-shirt - The Children's Place
dip dye shorts - The Children's Place
shoes - c/o Garnet Hill Kids
The fabulous team at Stuck on You is offering up a chance to win an iron on package of labels of your own PLUS a $50 gift card to the site.
get the hat
MANDATORY ENTRY - leave me a comment telling me about your summer camp experience
Good Luck!


  1. my kids haven't gone yet but they will soon b/c I went as a kid and loved it!

  2. I never went to sleep over camp when I was a child but did attend several day camps. (Judy Cowan)

  3. No my daughter doesn't go, she has autism and I worry too much to send her.

  4. My kids are a bit too young for it yet. I went as a child and have fond memories of it.

  5. I never went to summer camp. Not sure if they even had those way back when.

  6. My li'l ones are still too young to attend summer camp. They are dying to be older to go.

  7. Dearest Susan,
    How cute is that? Such a very clever idea for personalizing items!

  8. Sophie is going to camp this year for the first.

  9. No my daughter has not gone to summer camp, I plan on taking her when she's older. I never went as a child.

  10. in my community and surrounding areas, they only have 'daycamps' '...which we generally pass on because the shenanigans we get up to as a family is more fun ;)

  11. My kids have never gone but I went to a few days camps as a child

  12. I went as a child, but my kids don't go.

  13. I went to a camp once as a kid. My kid's go to camp only as part of school field trips or activities.

  14. I went to camp every year as a child.....such great memories. My girl will be attending a summer day camp next month!

  15. I didn't go as a child but my daughters went to tennis camp, basketball camp, cheer camp, etc. I did label all of their things that I could.

  16. My children have gone to summer camp.
    Florence C

  17. I'm not ready for DD to go (only 6) and I didn't go as a child, but I volunteered as a counselor at a summer camp in 1990 and I loved it, and I especially appreciate that 25 years later, I'm still friends with one of the 'kids' from the camp.


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