Ava Grace's Closet: What Ava Wore : Playing Dress Up with limeapple
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Friday, May 22, 2015

What Ava Wore : Playing Dress Up with limeapple

If there's one thing ms. Ava Grace loves, it's dresses.
The fancier the better.
Twirl factor being high is always good as well, not going to lie.
This pretty by limeapple fit the bill and then some. read: we love pink.
Don't even get me started on her pineapple sandals

Grace Dress - c/o limeapple
sandals - Gymboree {tell me they're not the cutest thing ever? I dare you! + PS they're on crazy sale!}
Mama's, aunties, Godmothers of girls - you do not want to miss this one.
I just had a peek again and the prices are too good to be true.
One day only.
Free US + Canada shipping on orders of $25+.
Happy Friday indeed.


  1. she is so cute and what a stunning dress

  2. Dearest Susan,
    What a cute kid and she is such a natural in modeling...
    Hugs to you both!


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