Ava Grace's Closet: Caryl Baker Visage : An Xtreme Lash Experience
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Monday, May 4, 2015

Caryl Baker Visage : An Xtreme Lash Experience

I recently had the pleasure of visiting our local Caryl Baker Visage located at Vaughan Mills.
From the moment I entered the location, I felt welcome and was quickly introduced to 
the team including my lash consultant, Danielle.
She asked me what look I was hoping to achieve glamourous of course and told me what to expect with the procedure.
Once I was settled comfortably, she started by removing all traces of eye makeup and applying a moisturizing eye patch to my lower lids.
Tape was applied to hold the eyelid and place - we were ready to start! 

Danielle began the painstaking process of applying eyelashes one by one to each of my individual natural lashes.
The glue used is medical grade and never touches the skin - and the results?
It's literally impossible to see where my lash ends and the false one begins. 
The entire process time varies depending on how many lashes you are having applied and the desired look you are hoping to achieve. 
In my case, it took just under 2 hours.
Isn't she adorable? 

Once complete, I must admit, I felt super duper glam.
Loving that they feel completely natural and of course, the fact that I no longer need mascara! 
The Xtreme Lash application includes a bottle of eye makeup remover that is specially formulated for false eyelashes ensuring it's gentle and that it doesn't affect the adhesion - bonus points for being a facial cleanser as well.

Big thanks to the entire team at Caryl Baker Visage Vaughan Mills for making me feel fabulous!
If you're local, I would highly recommend them.
Would you consider (or have you had) eyelash extensions?


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