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Thursday, April 16, 2015

What Ava Wore : Vacation Wears

There comes a time in every mama's life, fashionista or not, that they lose their luggage space to their little girl.
I take such pleasure in dressing Ava, my own outfit is always secondary, most especially when we're travelling.
Our luggage was overflowing with dresses in every colour (one for each evening's dinner - sick I know it) and of course, a different swimsuit for each day. 
After all, her clothing is smaller and thus takes far less room. how's that for enabling?

Souris Mini swimsuit + matching cover up - c/o Melijoe
pink + white dress - Guess Kids {not current}
print dress - LaPis Girl

white eyelet dress - Zara Kids
romper - Guess Kids
pink dress - H + M Kids {not current}
red dress - Little Marc Jacobs {last season's - linked current option}
"Isle" bikini - c/o Limeapple
Cheers to seemingly endless closets, Friday's and memories of the beach!

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