Ava Grace's Closet: Southbound

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


One more sleep.
I don't think I've ever needed a break as much as I do right now.
Between working, blogging, chauffeuring, party planning and in general, everything doing, I am SO looking forward to a week of doing nothing.
We are off to Varadero first thing tomorrow morning - the whole lot of us! The kids are super-excited, they've never been to an all-inclusive resort.
I think they're most excited to eat and drink whatever they want, whenever they want.
I'm just excited to wear a variation of this outfit every.single.day
and also for the margaritas - I cannot tell a lie.

Seaside Escape
I picked up the retro swimsuit pictured (also available in bubble gum pink, a pretty green and white) all about the high waisted bottom, at TopShop (top + bottom) recently and feel like I'm finally able to be back in the land of the two piece! It fits like a glove and is only very slightly more revealing than a one piece. 
I've also been all about this citron shade - loving this kaftan and it would look equally fabulous over light denim, non? A metallic beach tote (this one is reversible) and metallic slides complete this beach or lunch friendly look.
The piece de resistance? This Tory Burch fedora. Must have. I was pleasantly surprised by the price point.

Are you travelling south soon?
Would love to hear about it!


  1. Wishing you a fabulous adventure!!! This is perfect timing - I have been searching for a 2 piece option with more coverage than is normally available - this may so be an option!!! ... Hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

    P.S. gotta catch up when you get back and get that lipstick to you too!!! :)

  2. Have a great vacation in Varadero!! Loving that metallic tote and the pretty kaftan.

  3. Dearest Susan,
    Always great for heading south or to some sunny spots! We just got back from 6 lovely days in Arizona with lots of sunshine and warm weather. Could have stayed longer... ENJOY your special family time!


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