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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide '14 : The Kiddos

Christmas really is all about the kids.
Mine have been talking about it since, oh...August.
Ms. Ava Grace is still obsessed with all things Frozen and while she will find a little something from Arendelle under the tree - I have a few other fun ideas in mind as well.

My Julian has been beyond obsessed with the Rubik's Cube as of late. He can already solve the original one in no time flat - the above should give him a wee challenge.
Also, how amazing is it that SIMON is back? 
Who remembers it? I know, I know. Here I go showing my age again. 
This one's more for me than him.


  1. Minecraft anything is also on my son's list. My oldest wants a sewing machine, and my little Sadie wants everything ever.

  2. i loved Simon! i was also obsessed with tetris and bop-it. FROZEN will pretty much throw up under out tree ... lol. Jude is all about maps and the wubble ball...and the hover ball.

  3. Those slippers are SO pretty! My daughter loves Frozen too!



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