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Monday, November 17, 2014

Seventeen : Imperfectly Perfect

My husband and I celebrated 17 years of marriage yesterday. 
So much has happened over those years - 
3 homes.
3 children.
A separation.
Yes, I said separation.
Marriage does not come without it's difficulties. If you are married, you know what I mean. And no marriage is perfect.
Those that pretend their's is, are doing just that - pretending. 
In my younger, naive days, I think I thought it would be all champagne and roses.
I definitely had unrealistic expectations.
Throw in a couple of children and woah. Things are not what you thought they would be.

We were lucky. 
We spent our time apart wisely. And when we decided to give it another go, couples therapy truly helped us. Cannot tell you how much.
Now, almost 9 years since that time, our marriage feels solid. Different. 
Is it always lovey dovey? Hell no. But when I get home and something crazy has happened to me during the course of the day?
He truly is the first person I want to tell. 
He makes me crazy. And he makes me laugh.
Just like a best friend should.

In the spirit of sharing the imperfectly perfect marriage we share -
here are just a few outtakes from our big day. 

oh hey there // the quintessential "I'm pulling up my stockings" shot //
no sweet nothings here // caught in the mirror //  that dang train! 

Happy Anniversary my love.
I will tell you about this post when you get home. 


  1. Beautiful photos ... Life is full of up and downs!! sometimes time apart is needed in a relationship ... but too often fear/pride keeps people from taking that step... eventually things end up beyond repair and they look back and wish they had taken time apart - healed, grown. Your sharing is appreciated more than you'll ever know. miss our chats and YOU!!! hope we'll be able to catch up soon. hugs Celia M. (HHL)

    1. Thank you always for all of your support Celia. Isn't that the truth! And also, sometimes the most memorable photos are the ones that are most candid -- these were taken by an old friend. They made us laugh at loud at the time - and again yesterday. We must plan something!

  2. I wrote just the other day about the effort you need to put into a marriage because it's not always easy. Someone responded that unconditional love always wins out - and it made me sad for them. It's not always fairy tales and perfection. But it's worth the effort and the work! So glad you guys persevered - and these are beautiful photos!

    1. I am not sure unconditional love exists but for a very few - that said, I think that your love BECOMES unconditional when you realize just how imperfect each of us in each relationship is. (Woah. That was deep.)

  3. happy anniversary! getting back together after a separation doesn't happen for a lot of people (i know), so i think it's wonderful. and to feel even more solid than before. i remember seeing a post somewhere that said marriage isn't 50/50...it should be 100/100 where both people are putting in 100% effort.

    1. Thank you! It's true -- I think many "move on" too quickly and sometimes, there is no turning back from that if you know what I mean. At least very hard to get past...And true that my friend. Marriage is WORK!

  4. Dearest Susan,
    Don't know what happened with my previous comment...
    Trying again to compose my thoughts.
    The reason I love you so much is because you are so very HONEST and so spontaneous. Just like your smile as a young bride, that same spontaneity you still posses and it shines through in your writing. AMEN to an imperfectly perfect marriage! Couples that pretend otherwise are only big LIARS.
    Hugs to both of you S + L; I should say all five of you!

    1. Thank you so much Mariette. I try to be as honest as I can - anything but just wouldn't be who I am. And I agree! xox

  5. Thank YOU for being so real. Thank you for sharing something so personal with all of us. Jamie &. I went through our "winter of hell" last year - we also worked through it..it does make your bond stronger - lots of love Michelle oxox

    1. I learned from the best sweet friend! It is what it is you know -- I would never want someone looking at my life (or what they perceive it to be) as flawless. The imperfections are what makes it special...and all mine. I am glad you and Jamie are so solid - you are an inspiration!

  6. Love your photos and what a great and honest post <3

  7. congrats to y'all!! i'll be honest--i;ve never heard of anyone separating and then getting back together. i love that y'all got counseling and worked it out!

  8. love this and you. what a great post!


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