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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


There has been so much going on around here, from new school beginnings to new work outside the home full time beginnings.
If I'm being honest, I'm struggling to keep up with everything.
At the end of the day, most of which has usually been spent in front of a computer screen, the last thing I feel like doing? Well, spending more time in front of a computer screen.
I'm hoping that will change once we all fall into a groove and get adjusted to our new somewhat insane schedule. 

Last Wednesday was everyone's first full day back - my husband called me late morning and couldn't believe how far apart each of us was. As crazy as it sounded, it was bang on. 
One in daycare, one at work on the other end of the city, the other at work on the opposite end, one in high school and the other in elementary. 
It's the first time that at least one of my children has not been with me in over 4 years.

That said, Ava is adjusting ridiculously well to being in school full time. We've decided to keep her in a private daycare that runs a junior and senior kindergarten program which means no need for a before or after school program AND no need for lunches. #amen
The only big change I've noticed so far is that she is crazy exhausted at the end of the day. 
Bedtimes are getting earlier as are mornings which I can't say I mind since it allows me to spend some time with her before I head to work. 

Isabella has no way of getting to school.
For now.
How does this happen? She has been on the same bus since 9th grade and a pulse-check for bus requirement was done in May. MAY! 
Day before school starts? I receive an email saying that the bus is over capacity. Huh? 
So, long story short, this mama has been leaving extra early to get her to another bus and is praying this gets resolved by end of day last Friday.

Julian is in 7th grade. SEVENTH.
He will be taller than me by year end and, is walking home from school these days. 
I think it's important to give him some independence and as the school is very close to home; this seemed like a good start. 
That and there is no one home to pick him up. 
Ava's daycare is run by missionary nuns so of course, she is learning all about God and is completely enamored with Jesus these days. 
She prays before meals and sings hymns in english and italian. 
Sweetest thing you've ever heard.
I know my bloggy bestie Christina would be proud. 

We're looking forward to sharing lots of new projects with you including a fun video review and a fresh for fall blog design.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your total randomness was delightful! Hoping you have an amazing day my friend..ava ..could she be any cuter!

  2. I love hearing the inside scoop on your daily life! I feel ya on the crazy. I'm right there with you. I keep thinking we'll get used to our new routine soon. Still waiting for that to happen! Hope it happens for you sooner than later!

  3. she is such a cutie, Carly went through the whole bible stage when she was 6 I think, she had to say grace every night and her grace was reading from her little bible, if only they would stay that way LOL.

  4. It sounds like you have your hands full Mama!! Our little girl started kindergarten last week and that in it of itself was a huge change...for me! :) She's doing great.

  5. WOW !!! you have a full plate going on my friend... hang in there, it will get better as you all get into a routine. Hope to catch up in person when you catch your breath. Hugs, Celia M. (HHL)

  6. Dearest Susan,
    You know when I look back into our diaries and with photos, I wonder how we always managed our crazy schedules that always were done in 'over-drive' but it seems that one does perform best in such cases. Your Isabella's schoolbus issue is a nasty one; unbelievable! Sure hope that gets sorted out quickly.
    Sending you hugs and what a cute photos. No wonder she is worn out at night, she is already very hyper and now with full school she uses her entire energy till she recharges her battery.

  7. haha...that's the BEST thing about the little ones being in school full time...they are so exhausted that they sleep EARLY! hallelujah! as a single mama, i look forward to that little extra time at night to catch up :)
    hope you get settled into this new schedule quickly.


  8. Wow! I didn't know you went back to work. Managing it all is insane; I'm right there with you.

  9. Oh wow Susan it sounds just hectic! My 2 will both be at school as of tomorrow & its the 1st time in 7yrs I haven't had a youngling at home with me! I have some decorating to do in the house & then its on with the job hunting & I shall be as exhausted & as hectic as you! How do we do it?! Power Mamas! Ax

  10. I am glad that Ava is adjusting to full time day care. If she is tired at the end of the day, they are keeping her busy!! That's a good thing! I am sure the nuns adore her!!


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