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Monday, August 18, 2014

Things I Learned on Vacation 2014

We're back.
And while it's always so nice to get away, it's equally nice to come home.
This year, the dynamic on our family vacation was very different from that of other years.
The kids ages, specifically their age differences, made for a challenge when it came to what each of them wanted to do.
Isabella, at 15, just wanted to lay out for as long as humanly possible. 
Julian, 12, wanted to stay inside for the same amount of time. Usually, with the ipad, in the bathroom, in the dark. 
Ava, at 4, was most agreeable. She loves to go out for dinner. She loves to go to the mall. And she loves to swim. Each of these daily made for one happy girl.
But put that same little girl in a room, car or mall with said 12 year old?

So, what did I learn on vacation?
For one, South Florida is officially TOO hot in the summertime.
The younger me could handle it. The older me, not so much.

A full-size car, even a premium one?
Too small for 3 kids.
The two older ones were on top of each other which made for far too much arguing. There may also have been some hitting. And smelling.
On that note, things I never thought I would hear myself say?
"Julian! Stop smelling your sister!" 

Panera's coffee cake is life.
That is all.
When you put far, far too much white sunscreen on your face at the beach to avoid further melasma? No one will tell you.
Then, your daughter will call you "the joker".
And you will realize why when you finally have a moment to look at a mirror.
They will tell you they thought you wanted it like that.
They will be lying.

On the subject of sunscreen, there are still far, far too many people who do not realize you need to put it on. And reapply it. Often.
While at the beach one day, Izzy and I decided we should start a burn control team.
We would walk along the beaches of South Florida letting people know it was time to reapply or too late already. 
We also thought it might be nice to let certain beach goer's know it was time to retire the bikini. And the speedo.
A public service announcement if you will.

It will forever be difficult to get a good photo of all of my children together.
I will keep trying. 
When a restaurant's host asks you "for how many?" and you inadvertently answer 4 and then quickly try to correct yourself? Your son will jokingly say, "it's ok, Ava doesn't count".
And she will scream  say "yes, I do! 1, 2, 3, 4..."

And last, but not least, I need to remember to get into the vacation photos every once in a while.
Looking back, it's like I wasn't there.

Also, does anyone else find it ridiculously hilarious to look through their vacation photos and see that they've captured pictures of random people at the beach? 
I only just noticed Ava is in the frame, top left. 


  1. great vacation photos we also learnt the hard way that even with only two teenage boys, full size is still to small on vacation.

  2. loved seeing your vacay recap! :)

  3. Loved this blog, Susan. I do so remember vacations with the kids many years ago. Things I learned? A high testosterone, over energetic son and moody, wishing she were elsewhere and belonged to another family daughter, are not the best combination for any lengthy car trip.

  4. hahah I always laugh when I realize it looks like i was taking pics of other people rather than who i was intending.
    Looks like so much fun! Gorgeous pics and family, as always.

  5. Dearest Susan,
    You are just hilarious and yes, walking the beach to patroll for burns, proper bathing attire would make us having to wear 'Depend'!
    Great photos and fond memories.

  6. Lovely pics!!!

    Ciao bellissima!!!


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