Ava Grace's Closet: A Father's Day Gift Guide
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Friday, June 6, 2014

A Father's Day Gift Guide

I find on that on Father's Day, I always reach for the tried + true. 
For my husband, shoes. I know, not so conventional but I love buying him shoes. 
Usually, I add a book. Sometimes, some chocolate. 
For my own father, polo shirts. Always, polo shirts. I once ventured into gardening land and got him a few books about pruning and such; not sure he has ever opened them.
Here are a few ideas for that special man in your life. I may just change it up this year.

Tried + True.
This cologne by Paco Rabanne is off the charts amazing. I picked it up for my husband at the duty free shop in London {we just got the bill and let me tell you, it didn't feel "duty free"} and it is amazing. Like I want to spray it on my pillow amazing. {note: I don't see that it is available in department stores in Canada yet, I did find it here} $75

The New Daddy.
I remember the backpack diaper bag being popular when I had Izzy. I bought a black nylon version from Baby Gap and it was by far, the best diaper bag I have ever used. It was perfect to carry as I could be hands-free + my husband could use it without feeling as though he was carrying say, a pink Coach diaper bag {which I may or may not have bought when I had Ava}.
By TwelveLittle here. $210 + 15% off for Father's Day

The Grill Master.
My brother {aka, expert bbq'r} would KILL for this. I mean, how amazing to be able to brand your initials into a well-done steak and serve it at a dinner party? So fun.
Find the set here. $69.95

The Fashionista.
I couldn't not include my favourite gift. It's all about the espadrille this season + it's no different for the men. I actually find I like a lot of the prints available for the guys more than the women's versions. Love these at J. Crew. $48

The Frequent Traveller
Although my husband doesn't travel for work, he does love a good travel bag. This one by Pottery Barn is sturdy and I love that it's monogrammed. Which by the way is a free addition through Father's Day. $31

The Kid at Heart
This gift is fun for your husband and the kids. And seriously, how fun would it be to say that you bought him a ferrari for Father's Day? 
Canada here $80 // U.S. here $63

The Hipster
I actually want this particular gift along with number 9 below for myself. I love monogrammed anything and this eyeglass case is no exception. Also via Pottery Barn.

The Gift Set Lover
I have talked about my love for all things Brika before. This curated set is full of a few of their men's best sellers and is on promotion for Father's Day. Win Win.
Ships to both Canada + the U.S. $49 {order yours here}

The Cookie Monster
Does this gift need explanation? I think not. 
And also, cookies.
Available for order + delivery on-line only $29.95

What's your favourite gift for men?


  1. those tie cookies are adorable!
    I also thought when I saw the car "ya, freaking right." haha then I realized it was a model.
    I think i need sleep.

  2. my dad's a golfer, so it's always been golf stuff for him. but he's been golfing for so long, he knows what he likes and he'll usually tell us not to buy anything, or he'll give us specific instructions to buy him just a certain box of balls. but since he's been retired, i worry he's not getting out as much, so i may opt for a Fitbit this year :)

  3. My husband is seriously hard to shop for. He buys anything he really wants. And he rarely gets excited about gifts. Maybe I'll have to print out your suggestions and take the list with me when we shop. :)

  4. These are all such great ideas!! Celia M. (HHL)

  5. love your list. also, i will take #9... :)


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