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Friday, May 23, 2014

What to Wear : The One Piece Swimsuit

I'm just gonna say it. 
I think my bikini days are over.
Whew. That feels better.
I wore a bikini {albeit a modest one} on vacation last year and just wasn't feeling it anymore. 
And by feeling it, I mean I wasn't my usual 23 year old  33 year old  43 year old self in it.
I have had my share of teeny bikinis. 
And those days were oh so good.
But now? Now a fabulous one piece makes this mama feel like I can do the things I now need to do on the beach {that is, not lounge even for a minute} and feel comfortable doing them.

Gone are the Speedo boring one piece days of old.
Now, I find there is more choice, colour, print and style than any one girl could possibly need. 
Or at least enough to pick up one printed, one simple black, one black + white and one brightly hued suit to suit well, anybody.

One Piece Swimsuit

The Printed Suit
Even when it comes to swimwear, no one gets floral like Ted Baker. Is it just me or are the two flowered pretties more like works of art than swimsuits? one + two
A palm tree print for the beach? Sign me up. So much fun + available here.
This leopard printed suit has built-in tummy control as if the sheer vavavoom factor wasn't enough. Simple black sides make it slimming through the mid-section. 
If I could only choose one designer to choose every swimsuit I would ever buy from again? Definitely, Tory Burch. I've included one basic alongside this one {aptly named The Baja} and would like nothing more than to add both to my closet. 

The Simple Black Suit
If you don't have a single full piece {or a single bathing suit for that matter!}, I would go with a simple black, well-fitting suit first. My current favourite is by Shabby Apple it definitely gets more wear than all of my others combined. 
I love the one shouldered maillot by Tory Burch. {here}
I love this vintage style. 
But I really, really love this cut-out version. Of course it had to be the costliest one of the bunch. I find that always happens to me. Anyone else?

The Black and White Suit
Today makes the 5th time I have checked the Canadian Top Shop store on-line for this here little scalloped number. Why is there no swimwear listed yet? I don't get it. But I need this suit. And I think at $72 is pretty good value for such a classic piece.
I cannot get over how incredible this graphic print by Suboo is. Similiarly, the price is a little incredible but I think it's one of those "I'll have it forever" pieces. Find it here.
Polka dots? Yes please. Also terrific value for what looks like an incredibly well made piece.
Doesn't this look like something Madonna would have worn on her Gaultier tour? Love the structure of it + the fun mesh detail. Available here.
And lastly, this striped number is another one I've been on the hunt for. Ready for this? $24.95
Available at H + M. Although not yet in Canada. Of course.

The Brightly Hued Suit
I don't normally do yellow but this suit had me at the bow. Sadly, it looks like it is no longer available. By Miu Miu {here} This one by Juicy Couture is a cute option. And on sale.
I am not sure I could actually get into the water in this beauty but the colour and detail are just beyond. By Gottex, here.
Fringe is big this season, why not try it on bright pink swimsuit? Also available in a pretty blue. At this price, it might not be unreasonable to get both colours.
An ombre suit? Yes please. This one is appropriately called "The Goddess". {on sale!}
And lastly, a classic bandeau in red. Amazing if you're dark haired in my humble opinion. This one is another of the "miracle suits". Has anyone tried one? I am very curious if they are worth the extra dollars.

So are you a one or a two piece girl?


  1. UI used to be a two piece gal and then I experienced life at the pool with a toddler....hello one piece and I will never GO back!! Lol...granted you are so right they have come such a long way with one pieces...I ADORE the 50's retro style ones...so much fun to wear and you don't have to flash the whole entire pool while chasing kids around...bonus! :)

  2. since my weight loss -- I am trying for the 2 piece option..eeks!! but still prefer the one piece!

  3. I'm still a two piece girl. But there are so many cute one piece options out there (like the ones you picked) that I really wouldn't mind a one piece anymore. I just don't want to feel like an old lady at the lake or pool (but I also don't want to be the old lady that should've covered up more - ha!).

  4. I can not believe you said it!!! I have been thinking it and saying it for the past three years. I think its time... but I don't know If I can do it just yet!!!! Scary! Love the suit selections and maybe this will help me make the switch! Have a great weekend dear.

  5. Still wear the odd bikini but earlier this year I got a black retro one piece from Change and I feel so much more confident in it!
    xo Emma

  6. I am in transition from a bikini to a one-piece. Although I wear a small size, my body at 51 is obviously different to what it was the years before. I think a swimsuit will look much more sophisticated than a bikini. And there are so many gorgeous ones out there! I cannot decide from your collection as they are all so pretty.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  7. Awwwwww I've also said my goodbyes to the teeny weenies and said hello to the one-piece suit and not complaining a bit because there's an awesome array of choices out there like these ones you posted!!!


  8. I admire you! It so difficult to be a mom and have a good sense of fashion!

    Please go to my blog and follow! I am also a mom trying to be a fashion mom! LOL



  9. I have a fab tankini & have worn them for a while now (well since having kids) & last year I bought my first one piece & have to say it felt good! They have come on leaps & bounds & I'd rather look good in a one piece than bad in a bikini! Ax


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