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Thursday, May 1, 2014

What She Wore : Tie one On

Ah, the flannel shirt. How I love thee.
For many reasons including the fact that they can be worn in various ways, one of which is by not really wearing it at all. 
I'm saving this one for the younger set. Just love it paired with a denim vest and high tops. 
long sleeved t - Old Navy
sunglasses - Ray Ban
jean vest - Old Navy
pants - American Eagle {only olive available / so comfy!} {option}
flannel shirt - American Eagle {exact no longer available / love this one} {option}
shoes - Converse
Are you a flannel fan? 
Izzy is a little partial to the menswear ones {I linked a fun one above}; in fact, she's normally partial to anything that is about 3 sizes too big.
What is up with that?


  1. I wore boys clothes (Nautica, Tommy, Polo) for about two years when I was about your daughters age. It is a phase and will pass. Just be happy she doesn't like to wear her clothes too SMALL!
    xo Emma

  2. Dearest Susan,
    Izzy knows already what works best for her! She is too smart for wrapping her perfect body into things that are 3 sizes too big. Go Girl!
    Lovely photos you show here and this works perfect. Hope your weather is changing. We got almost flooded away last afternoon and evening. But as long as there is the combination of sun and...

  3. omg, for a split second when the post was loading, i thought she was you, lol! total mini you. 3 sizes too big is better than 3 sizes too small :)

  4. Totally takes me back to high school when grunge was big and I was wearing flannel and everything oversized. Funny how fashion cycles. She looks amazing in everything she wears. :)


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