Ava Grace's Closet: Thoughts on Mother's Day featuring Things Remembered
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Thoughts on Mother's Day featuring Things Remembered

My own mother gave birth to me at the age of 38, twelve years after the birth of my older brother.
They didn't plan on having any more children for a number of reasons including her beyond awful 9 month long morning sickness and an overseas move to a country where they were just starting out. 
She always worried about being the "older mother". But I honestly never remember feeling that way. 
To me, she was just like the rest. 
And even though, yes, she was a little older and not raised in the same way I was, she was always kind of hip. 
She let me colour my hair just a little bit at age 14. 
She let me miss the odd day of high school to wait in line for concert tickets.
She understood my need to go out dancing late into the night. A lot. 
Today, I strive to be more like her in those ways. 
Understanding. A mother but also a friend, confidante, rock. 

Ava's bangle {here} // my bracelet {here
Funny how life can come full circle.
Many, many years later, I gave birth to our Ava Grace at almost 40. 
And I couldn't imagine our life any other way. 

I am not sure I truly appreciated everything being a mother meant until I had my own children.
All those months of seemingly never-ending nausea followed by all those months of seemingly never-ending wakefullness. 
And then, the never-ending worry. 
I am not sure the latter ever goes away. 
And while I would like to shut my children away and keep them safe forever, I know I must let them soar. Make their own mistakes. 
And, I truly believe that providing them with the right foundation ensures they will go forward + love the same way they were loved.

The beyond pretty bracelets above were sent to Ava and I by Things Remembered
I am, always have been, so sentimental about anything personalized especially when it comes to my children. 
Each of their names is engraved on the back of the circular "mom" pendant and the little "love you to the moon and back" charm nearly sent me over the edge. #icryeasily
I didn't notice right away but Ava's personalized bangle has a message on the back of the little heart.
It reads "mommy loves you". 
And it's so true. #imcryingagain

With over 40 years of experience and 650+ stores in North America, I am excited to let you know that Things Remembered is launching stores in Canada! 
The first few include Vaughan Mills {it may or may not be walking distance from our house}, Fairview Mall, Lansdowne Place and Yonge/Eglinton Centre with Markville Mall and Eastgate Square opening by the end of this month. 
The perfect spot to choose a gift for mom, dad {can Father's Day be far away?}, or anyone else in your life who you hope to make feel just a little more special. 
With so many fun and contemporary designs, you're sure to find something unique.
And I am all about unique. 
Hoping all of you who are mama's had a beautiful day yesterday. 

Disclosure: We received the products mentioned about at no charge via Things Remembered in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are strictly my own. 


  1. Wonderful post, Susan, I love the photos!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  2. Dearest Susan,
    Lovely post and pondering about your own Mamma... Indeed, the solid foundation that you build within the family will see your children through.

  3. Lovely photos and the post made me tear up!
    xo Emma

  4. Ooh - pretty bracelets (and a pretty family!). And yes - it was a lovely day. :)

  5. Oh my friend, what a lovely post celebrating your mom and your children. You are an amazing mama ...and for that your children will grow up to be amazing parents ...and it all started with your own mama and her mama and her mama before that ... children and how they view the world and their place it in is a reflection (in most cases - ) of all the nurturing and love they were given as children. Many blessings to you and your mama for helping to make the world a more loving place. HUgs, Celia M. (HHL)

  6. Lovely bracelets! I have a similar story in that I waited many years to have Madison who is now 4 and 18 years younger than my son. Oh I also cry easily! :) My mother's day was wonderful, thank you.

  7. well looks like I have another reason to boot up to Vaughan Mills in the near future ;)

  8. I think the dynamics of your family are so great an interesting. I could never handle two young kids in Italy. The sidewalks aren't large enough for double strollers, there are so many bikes, motorcycles, scooters, perils etc. that the idea of having two small kids freaks me right out. Oh and we only have two bedrooms! But every now and then I think.....Maybe I could have another when my first is a teenager....Susan did it! and that makes me feel so much better. It's strange how 40 in North America is still considered an older mom, in Italy we were the ONLY ones holding a newborn who didn't have grey hair....40 is the new 30! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  9. beautiful post! loved your thoughts and you are such a great mama...it shows...and also that last print...ummmm yes and I don't think the worry ever goes away...

  10. Such a beautiful post. I hope you had an amazing Mothers' Day.


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