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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What to Wear : Europe in the Spring

When I was turning 16, my older brother surprised me with a trip to N.Y.C. for the day. 
We flew out early morning, ate bagels in a deli for breakfast, shopped all day and flew back late that night. 
I'll never forget my then grade 10 english teacher writing back to me in my journal..."there is nothing like N.Y.C. in the Spring".
It resonated with me because she was so right. 
Not just New York, but any travel in the Spring brings an incredible newness. 
A feeling of starting over. 

This year, in less than 10 days actually, my little Ava and I will experience Croatia in the Spring. 
I look forward to feeling that same feeling of newness. Of excitement.
And here is what I plan to be wearing. 
I mean, it is Europe after all. 

Europe in the Spring

So, here's the thing. I love packing. 
I really do. I'm a strong type A, love planning everything out, organizing it, the whole ordeal.
But, I just wish I could take everything with me. 
With this in mind, I have been thinking of a colour palette that will make the task easier based on a few of the items I know will be in my suitcase.
I've all but settled on black, pale blue + denim with touches of beige and leopard.
Chic but easy.
I've already picked up a pair of black ponte jeans {very similiar to these (which are a crazy good deal!)} and plan on wearing them for the flight over with a simple striped sweater {here} and my never.fly.without.it pashmina that will double as a light blanket.
The "jeans" look like a dark denim but feel like a legging. So comfortable.
A pair of comfortable, easy to kick off loafers in a fun leopard print complete the look.

For exploring the city, I plan on layering up crisp shirts and sweaters {shirt/sweater} over my favourite jeans by J. Brand. Again, more of a legging feel vs a jean.
I think I'll pack my boyfriend's as well as they're so comfy.
I'm loving these pale blue ballet slippers by The Gap along with my new Tom's sunglasses that have just a hint of blue on the arms.

I'm definitely carrying my large, black leather tote {loving this one by Ann Taylor} as it doubles perfectly as a carry on. Lots of room for my phone, wallet, tickets/passports and goodies for ms. Ava. 
She'll also be bringing her Tinkerbell carry on in case you are wondering. 
I also want to bring just one jacket and think this beige trench will be perfect. Chances are it will be under the stroller more than on me so I love that it folds easily and doesn't crease. 

Now, that I'm packed and ready...any tips on how not to have a panic attack on the plane?
I'm kidding.
Sort of. 

Find me over at Brazen Woman today talking looking chic in the rain. How timely. 
Winner of our group giveaway is Carrie Choate. Congrats! I will email you today. 


  1. Oh so jealous! Since I will be back to work in the fall I think a Europe trip is in order for the hubs and I next year :)

  2. You are going to have the best time! This packing list is perfect for Europe in the spring!!!
    Regarding the plane- deep breathing and if that doesn't work- Ativan ;)
    xo Emma

  3. Have a great trip! I like these mixing pieces, practical yet so stylish.

    blue hue wonderland

  4. Girl you are going to have an amazing trip!!! Enjoy Europe!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.... so excited for you..hugs, C.

  5. OMG that would be sooooo much fun for you & little Ava.....& these picks are so perfect for the trip!


  6. I'm sure your trip will be so much fun! It sounds like you're all set and ready to go. All there is left to do is enjoy. :)

  7. You have picked great pieces, Susan. When I have to pack a suitcase I always go for neutral, black and blue basics and then add a bit of colour with tops and accessories.
    You must be so excited!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. Dearest Susan,
    Packing is the hardest thing to do since airlines have limited the maximum weight to almost 'nothing'... But your choices are fine! Relax and once boarded, set your watch to the destination's time so you mind adjusts faster and than try to sleep as much as you can by putting your brain on zero after your meal and cleaning your teeth. Let's hope little Ava can do the same!
    Enjoy the pre-joy of traveling and I bet all will be fine!

  9. Oh you nailed it Susan! Such a lovely colour palette & some gorgeous items here! Go forth & enjoy Darl & I can't wait to hear all about it?! xx


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