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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Know that this post comes on the legs of not one, not two, not even three but FOUR of us getting a knock-out flu this past week.
Achy, stuffy, can't stop coughing, I have the chills, no wait I'm hot kinda awful.
My poor Izzy got the worst of it and has been home from school since last Wednesday. 
Ava hasn't stopped coughing in what feels like weeks. And for extra fun, it gets way worse at night while she is sleeping beside her mama who is sick too but who can't get any rest because, well, I am mom.

My husband is off to Austin for a couple of days so thankfully, he is pretty much recovered.
He's excited to explore the city and check out a few of the restaurants this fine gal recommended.
When he left last night he must have said goodbye 5 different times.
It's funny how things change when you have children.
We talked about how carefree we were in our younger days, how fearless. 
And how now, we worry about everything. Especially when you're travelling.
Most especially when you're travelling without your family. 
I swear I was never afraid of a single thing until I had babies. 
And now? I'm afraid of pretty much everything. 
In the midst of this flu, I for some unknown reason, decided to check our passports and make sure everything was in order. 
I noticed that Ava's passport was set to expire at the end of May. 
While this shouldn't be a big deal as we are travelling well before that time; apparently it is. 
In many foreign countries, including Croatia, your passport has to be valid somewhere between 3 and 6 months past your expected date of return. 
Needless to say, this mama spent yesterday at the passport office getting that taken care of.
Can you imagine? Totally something that would happen to me. 

Speaking of travel, Ava has been packing and unpacking for the last few weeks.
Apparently, she is set to do Europe with just 1 Elsa doll, 1 stuffed football and a fairy wand.
This kid packs light.
She doesn't get that from me. 

It's birthday mania around these parts.
Ava on the 22nd of March, my mom on the 28th.
April 6th is my dad, 11th my hubby, 12th Julian and the 29th, moi. 
I like to pretend the very last one isn't happening. 
I figure there are so many to celebrate already, that last one isn't really necessary. 

And on the subject of birthday's, I included a few more photographs of Miss. Ava on her big day.
And also, yes, she is wearing blue eye shadow. 
I do not know why.
Apparently, it's icy.

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  1. Gorgeous girl! Glad you guys are on the upswing with your illnesses. And we've got the same busy birthday months - all three kids are in the same week of March, followed by me in April. :)

    1. Crazy! What day are you in April? I'm sure I know this~!

  2. Oh you poor thing. It is never easy when Momma gets sick too! Glad to hear your all on the mend. With all these birthdays you will just be forced to shop!!!! ;) xo

    1. This is true! Probably the one light at the end of the tunnel. :o

  3. Oh my friend I hope you all feel much better soon! ... Ava looks tres adorable. you must celebrate your Bday mon ami ... drink some warm water with lemon, ginger and honey - it will warm you up. Hugs, C. (HHL)

  4. the flu has been AWFUL this past year!
    Like you, I'm afraid of everything now that I have a child. I guess that doesn't go away as they get older. We're doomed.

  5. hope everyone is feeling better!! Ava looks adorbs! Also your massive birthdays coming up...sound like my family in the month of August...5 with in 2 weeks. Glad you got the passport taken care of! Mine hasn't been valid in years lol.

  6. I hope you are well recovered Susan?! Glad you sorted the passport out...thats so me too! :) xx


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