Ava Grace's Closet: Dear Ava...You're Almost Four
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Ava...You're Almost Four

 Dear Ava,
As we near your 4th birthday, {just over two more weeks!} I wanted to remind myself of all that makes you wonderful.
You are OBSESSED with Disney's Frozen right now and watch it on repeat whenever I let you. You sing Elsa's song by heart and do the actions alongside her. It is hilarious.
You don't know it yet but I found an Elsa doll! And the shoes. With the heel. And the lights. 
Oh yeah. Your mommy rocks. 
It took everything in me not to give them both to you the moment I found them.
I might be more excited than you.

You still have very long hair which you refuse to let me A. comb and B. put up in a ponytail. 
I let you watch this video earlier this week and we decided together that we will cut it and donate it if we can grow it long enough. Almost there! 
You are not sold on cutting Rapunzel's. And I don't blame you.
Sweet Ava, I don't know how you do it. Always entertaining yourself in what seems like a never-ending winter. 
You rarely complain. 
We do puzzles A LOT. Watch Frozen, A LOT. And go out, VERY LITTLE. 
Can Spring be far away??

Next month, we're going to Croatia. CROATIA! 
Every time I bring it up, you ask me if they have beds there. And t.v. And toys. 
The answer is yes, yes and yes. 
I can't wait for my aunt to see you. She is 90 you know. And has never met you, Julian or Isabella.
It's sad really.
I am hoping that you do ok on the long plane ride.
{Secretly, I'm hoping I do ok on the long plane ride}. 
I'm also worried about the milk. Really worried. Since, you still love your milk more than anything else.
Except for maybe, Bobo. 
And Julian.
He drives you crazier than anyone but you love him most of all.
You started a preschool program once a week again this winter and love it.
You also can't get enough of your swimming lessons. In fact, you are often bouncing out of bed on Sunday mornings, running into my room wide-eyed and saying "do you know what day it is?! SWIMMING LESSONS!!!".
Daddy and I say the same thing every week. We cannot believe how different you are from your brother and sister. 
Neither would do what you do so fearlessly. 
Have I mentioned that you cannot sit still? {or stop talking?}
Even at swimming, we watch you from the seats above and just laugh. You are jumping non-stop.
And then there was that time a boy in your class reached over and kissed your shoulder. 
"He's not allowed to do that" you said. 
I hope you always feel like that.

You will be my baby forever. 


  1. Such a sweet letter. I think it's so amazing you are taking her to meet your grandmother. She is going to do fine on the plane and she will LOVE it!! I can't believe she's almost four!

  2. OMG that quote just made me cry!!!!!!!! This is so sweet and my Mia turns 5 on the 21st!!!!!!
    Great post..melts my heart!
    Sheree xxx

  3. So sweet! I am home with a sick kiddo today and I am feeling all protective and your post made me tear!!!
    xo Emma

  4. It is birthday season! March is a crazy month... or should I say July is the crazy month. hehehe! ;-)
    This note to Ava is beautiful! Happy birthday to her! ~ Tammy

  5. Dearest Susan,
    Oh, your photos almost make Ava look EDIBLE! How feisty and how sweet and what a difference for almost being 4 and visiting a 90-year old Aunt in Croatia. Your Aunt is as old as my dear Mom...
    The sweet video about that cute long-haired toddler donating her hair to kids with cancer is something very special. I bet Ava understands this and you both made a right decision.
    Happy weekend to you and let's hope this winter will leave us one day... This afternoon it was her -5 C RealFeel; just crazy and raining and dreary gray. The Netherlands was so far ahead with nature and so spring like. Unreal.

  6. Thats beautifully written and very heartfelt. Have a great time visiting your Aunt. I've been to Croatia twice...an exquisite country and the people are nice and amazing!


  7. So beautiful and I love the pictures! I bet she loves the extra sparkles you put on them as well--I know my girls would! I have a 4 year old daughter as well and they sound similar!

  8. So beautiful! Its just perfect! I'm so excited for your trip together! It will be wonderful! I love the poster above her bed! <3 Ax

  9. she is the sweetest!!!! I love all the little tid bits you shared about her! 1.) her hair is longer than E's and I have only cut her hair once :) 2.) She is Lyla would be great mates...Lyla is obsessed with Anna...we got Lyla an Anna doll and dress for her birthday :) 3.) I am convinced the 3rd born is born fearless!! 4.) I loved the sroty about the boy kissing her shoulder...lol.!!


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