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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Make It Up : Current Favourites

Winter in Canada.
What can I say about that?
It brings out the blahs in the best of them.
A new pretty lipstick can sometimes be just what a girls needs.
That, and a trip to Aruba.
Here are the items that are currently on rotation in my beauty arsenal.
Make It Up // 2

1. So, apparently, I am very late to this superstar cult product party. Just google it and you will see countless reviews and you too may wonder where exactly you have been. This stings particularly hard for us Canadians since I must have walked by this clear little bottle countless times in my local drugstore where it has been readily available for years.
Can I just say, WOW? 
It removes the last trace of makeup {yes, you can do your entire face on lazy nights} without even a tiny bit of stinging? I will never be without it again.
In Canada // find it {sigh} at Shoppers Drug Mart. US, here.

2. I have a confession to make. I do not believe in spending crazy amounts of money on mascara. I just never saw a difference. I know, I know. 

Until, I received this little number as a sample. Now, I actually SAVE it for evenings out. Mostly because I don't want to pay to buy the full size one. 
It makes lashes perfectly long and I have yet to see the teeniest flake underneath the eye. Like, ever. 
Find it here

3. 4. 5. Ah, MAC. What can I say that I haven't said before?
Still my very favourite lipsticks. The colour selection is just unbeatable. 
I will say, this is the first time I've tried a matte lipstick in a while and was pleasantly surprised.
It is also the first time I've purchase a pro long wearing lip liner and the claim is true. This baby DOES NOT come off until you decide to take it off.
Read: reapply your lipstick unless you want to be caught with just lip liner on. Not good for anyone.
please me // bombshell // in anticipation liner {links > search for shade}

6. I've just been newly introduced to the Rodan + Fields line by this gal. I used ProActiv line for years so while the brand wasn't new, all the new goodies certainly were. 

I ordered a few items {some of which I have yet to try} and am just loving this microdermabrasion lip treatment. Definitely worth checking out. 
Find it here

7. So, my skin has been giving me a crazy hard time as of late. Adult acne combined with dryness. Just a nightmare. 

I finally fixed that problem after visiting the dermatologist and asking him if just perhaps I might be going through puberty again? No such luck. 
If you care to know what helped, feel free to email me here.
I'm now using these 2 products from an esthetic line called PCA Skin; targetted to repair sun damage/dark spots. The first is the cleanser which foams with the sponge and the second is a lotion I apply afterwards. 
Will let you know how that goes but for now, am really enjoying them.
Find them here + here

8. I thought I should include this lovely little find. Although I can't say for sure whether or not it is repairing anything; it definitely makes my hair smell beyond divine. 

Available here or at your local drugstore.  

9. This foundation makes the list as something I just know will become a favourite but which I cannot find ANYWHERE. My local drugstore carries the Bourjois product but not this particular foundation which I have heard countless beauty bloggers rave about. 

I must have it. 
Available online, here. I just really want to try it first. Sigh. 

10. I may have mentioned this little lovely before but it is so good, it's worth mentioning again. And, I do tell anyone who will listen to pick it up ASAP. 

I'm using the "lillith" but all of the shades are just lovely. Bonus points for working on cheeks AND lips. The glow it gives? Priceless. 
Available at Sephora, here

So, did any of your favourites make the list?

Any others you might recommend trying?

Stay warm today. It's a cold one!


  1. Bioderma is amazing ... was introduced to it by my friend from France ... it was exciting when it finally hit the USA and for here in Canada over the moon when it arrived - of all places Shoppers, but who cares - it's magic eraser for the eyes and face!! stay warm my friend ... it is -21 and feels like -30 in the city :( ..ugh!! hugs, C.

  2. Your skin dry with adult acne. Can completely relate. Mine is the same. I just call it moody. Finding a regime no matter how crazy and extensive it is, not having dryness plus acne is awesome.

  3. Nothing like a pretty pink lipstick to get rid of the winter blahs. Love your picks!

  4. Oh, how I love MAC. They're simply the best for lip color.

  5. GREAT round up!

    I totally agree about mascara, last year I invested in designer mascara and I've never looked back! Aside from the fact that it glides on, never clumps and never looks "fake", I will never go back to normal mascara again.

    I actually thought of printing out your roundup and brining it with me to a Shoppers the next time I'm in Toronto!

  6. i am on the look out for a nude color lipstick...I havent found one yet...but i check everytime i go to the store.

    ps blah...the perfect word for winter.

  7. I put Bioderma in my 2013 favorites! I don't know how I ever lived without it!

  8. Yes, that Stila blush color is amazing...I use it on my lips too...I actually kinda forgot I had it...I need to go dig it out! LOL! Spring is almost here...hang in there!! :)


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